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Discussion in 'Northern Bypass' started by dan5, Aug 13, 2017.

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    With the growth of retail parks in the Greater Ipswich area including Anglia Retail Park in North West Ipswich following B&Q moving out, do we need a Northern Bypass to support the development?


    Within 100 metres of Anglia Retail Park there is an industrial estate, council offices and not to forget the large ASDA store. On top of this is a fuel station and takeaway outlets including McDonalds and KFC. Bury Road and Norwich Road struggles with this volume of traffic. With new housing for Tooks bakery site, it is more demand on the same roads.

    The A14 is adequate for west Ipswich consumers... what about those in central Ipswich, North East and South East Ipswich, and not forgetting the Northern Fringe when it is built? A similar story for the retail park growth around Martlesham.

    The Northern Bypass will act as a vital link - an Ipswich orbital - which will help the out-of-town retail parks... it will also support the town centre by reducing unnecessary traffic causing unnecessary congestion!

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