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    Has anyone viewed the YouTube videos demonstrating the poor style of policing from Norfolk?

    I have sadly observed many instances of police abuse of power. The Norfolk & Suffolk Police merger is bad for Suffolk.

    Someone filming out and about with his kid near a police station. An officer (inspector?), clearly not a constable, pounces on him. He wouldn't confirm if the man was committing a crime or being detained. He then clearly assumes of this man to be "involved with terrorism" to get powers to detain and search. Support of a police van and police car are nearby. He walks off due to the officer not confirming if he is being detained. The officer then follows and handcuff the man with his child crying in the background. A search follows. The man asks for a supervisor and this is denied - none available - despite being right next to the police station. At the end the police officers just walk off. No attempt by police to obtain footage on the man's phone (?) so no real belief the man was filming on the industrial estate for terrorism purposes.

    Demanding someone not to film from a distance the police making an arrest. Officer very aggressive. Person filming has every right to film proceedings.

    Another person filming going-ons... a police officer walks into the line of sight being filmed requesting the man not to film him, he was unidentifiable before he crossed the road.

    Norfolk Constabulary police constable pulling over a car refusing to show warrant card, give a name or wear epaulettes.

    Norfolk Police making up offences, caught out by camera.

    I have seen good examples of policing too but the vast majority is closer to corruption.
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