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No Fun In Holywells Park After Summer Storms Make Meadow Too Wet

Discussion in 'Ipswich News' started by newsbot, Aug 8, 2017.

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  1. newsbot


    Plans for a Fun Day at Holywells Park on Wednesday have been postponed because of Tuesday’s rain and the threat of more bad weather to come.

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  3. martinc


    seriously? its just weather, its what it does, sometimes its nice, sometimes its not....
  4. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Isn't there fun in wet muddy weather?

    Exceptions must be any hazards such as very wet days with high winds which can bring down trees but apart from that... if we can believe the TV ads... children love getting muddy (jumping in puddles, rolling around in mud, paint etc) it is just the parents not so keen on cleaning up after them!

    I haven't looked at a detailed weather forecast but the rain we had today was quite a bit but not enough to postpone events. If Glastonbury can host a festival with all those electrics for lights, screens and amps... I am sure they can do the same here.

    Not sure the specific event without researching it (or clicking on the link).. they probably want to preserve the park as much as they can. At least they won't be out giving people tickets like the other month...

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