New town centre scammers?

Discussion in 'Crime & Safety' started by dan5, Mar 17, 2017.

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    I witnessed a group of people on the corner of Westgate Street outside what was Sportizus opposite Ann Summers. A woman (the ring-leader) with a white cap on with some small flags across the middle. They had bundles of "leaflets"... some were copied £20 notes (not a poor quality photocopy), she also had other leaflets which looked like a small booklet - the kind you would have from a building society or credit union. Not a passbook which is more passport sized. She was talking to someone.

    Anyone seen them? It could be (and hopefully is) some prize draw or gambling thing.

    The notes are unable to be used in a shop, they are clearly not real, however, I could see a few metres away that it was a (copy of a) £20 note. Much more than just one, they had multiple.

    They seemed open and not suspicious. I am not too sure what to think. It appeared to be the exact same size as a real £20 note. Technically counterfeit although no intention of being genuine.

    I wonder if this was some quick distraction scam? I was going to call the police on their non-emergency number to give them a heads up (I wasn't in a position to go have a chat with them, probably a language barrier too) then decided not to bother as they didn't show telltale signs. I have put it on here just in case. Time approx 10.45-10.50. I wonder if the Street Rangers are keeping an eye on them?
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