New Orwell Crossings in Ipswich could be open to traffic in six years

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    New Orwell Crossings in Ipswich should be open to traffic in six years
    Three new crossings over the River Orwell near Ipswich town centre should be open by 2023, county councillors have been told.

    Members of the county’s scrutiny committee looked at the way the project to build the three new crossings in Ipswich and a new bascule bridge in Lowestoft would be managed.

    Most of the funding for the bridges will come from central government – but £19.1m of the cost of the Ipswich crossings and £18.3m of the cost of the Lowestoft bridge will have to be found locally.

    The county has already committed to spending £10m on each crossing. Assistant director for infrastructure Bryn Griffiths said it was committed for fully funding the schemes – but a decision on where the final funding would come from did not need to be made yet.

    A competition has been run between architects to design new crossings for Ipswich – and the results are expected to be announced very soon.

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    Some Ipswich Star comments of note:
    How exciting for Ben Gummer , his dad , his uncle and all his friends of the privately owned docks ! Question... how much money are the Port owners putting into this project ? We the local tax payer are pumping in £20 million for starters for what exactly , Ok we get a new part time crossing ,big deal , but why are we paying for the bridges onto a privately owned island ? ... Should have been opening up a Northern bypass within six years not Gummers fantasy island . Deeber

    Six years with Suffolk County Council in charge of the project , no chance , Double that more like Macke

    With SCC managing this project surely there must be scope to slip in the northern bypass under their usual mission creep approach? It might extend the timescale and budget but their past record must make it a possible outcome which just like many things they undertake it won't know about until it is finished. Amsterdam81

    Google search for 'architects journal ipswich bridge' to see that Architects Journal have to say about this project. They have slammed this bridge contest as totally illogical and, I quote, ‘It is easily the most badly set up UK bridge design competition’. There is no way this white elephant will be ready in six years. McLean

    Northern by pass NOW ..... and why the he!! Should we pay 20 million when it's on private land for the cross over bridges , what next ??? 10 to a penny they will be toll boothed be toll bofor it ....... Julian Hughes

    What amazes me is that we haven't seen more protests from the residents who live in the areas potentially blighted by this bridge. Remember, one of the aims of the bridge is to take 10% of the current traffic on the Orwell Bridge, a bridge at capacity, and bring it trundling through the residential streets of Ipswich and over a part time bridge. And all while opening up access to a privately owned island and keeping traffic off a now 'unnecessary' Northern Bypass. Still, I'm guessing it works for some people? paul e.

    Fascinating read McLean... it's probably already been picked just going through the process . Paul E I totally agree but Ipswich vision group is behind this , that includes the star , Ipswich central , IBC , SCC and others including the vanity project leader himself Mr Gummer so who do you protest too ? I doubt even an inquiry would be allowed on this, but from the start we have been hoodwinked into this as it was originally to open up the island , now the main crossing is separated from that island and the port will suffer as taller ships will have to wait about before entering the docks as to minimise traffic hold ups ... poor idea all round , still if The Gummers are behind it there's no doubt it will be built. deeber

    SIX YEARS !!!!!! for crossing the Orwell in Ipswich A quick google search will show you that "Construction of THE CHANNEL TUNNEL took six years (1988-1994)." Hope the don't progress any new Northern Bypass at the same rate as the dock crossings... it will (literally) take a lifetime. ChelmaCommuta

    Not to forget this from Mark Ling:
    The fact is that we need more sway and say at the New Anglia LEP. If you are you an outstanding business leader in transport & logistics - based in the Felixstowe and Ipswich area? The New Anglia LEP is currently advertising for private sector board members; with transport and logistics identified as a key sector for applicants. Whilst the position is voluntary, the LEP has huge sway over economic development and infrastructure for our area. Transport & Logistics employs 15,000 people locally and is the third largest sector for our region. We have the largest container port and grain export port in the UK. Yet there is currently NO representation at all for our industry at the LEP! In the last 5 years the LEP helped secure over £400m for the A11, A47 and Norwich Northern Distributor. During that not a penny was secured for the A14, A12 in the Ipswich to Felixstowe area. Despite the Orwell Bridge being at capacity there is no LEP campaign for a Northern Bypass, and we still have a single, non-electrified rail line running between Ipswich & Felixstowe. It's time to make a difference. Time to stand up and represent your sector and area. If you have the attributes and vision and care about this area then please apply.

    Calls for a Northern Bypass and criticism of how long projects take are very vocal. That is assuming the comments all get through...
  4. martinc

    martincFounder Member

    thanks, saves me having to look at that dreadful Star website, Same message we hear all the time from those in the town who care i.e. "what the hell are we doing buggering about with this bridge vanity project when we really should be getting on with the bypass?"
  5. Ipswi


    It might be a good time to drop some leaflets through doors!

    I am not sure how this bridge vanity project is intended to boost the waterfront (or how £6bn of benefits can be realised by re-routing the Star Lane gyratory)... How much are the land owners set to gain from this?

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