New Ipswich bus route to Anglia Retail Park angers some passengers

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    Changes to the Ipswich Buses’ route to the Whitehouse area of the town have angered some passengers after a loop going near the Whitton estate was cut out.

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    Headline/title contradicted with the first word!

    Considering the buses wait at ASDA bus stop for a while... not sure why they didn't just add the extra bus stop at Anglia Retail Park reducing that wait... people expect the bus to be late anyway... I assume they are concerned at not being able to get out due to the roundabout... but it is going to be more tricky to get across than turn left.

    • Costa: Copdock Interchange, Anglia Retail Park, Futura Park, Martlesham Heath
    • KFC: Felixstowe Road, Martlesham Heath, Anglia Retail Park
    • Pizza Hut: Copdock Interchange, Euro Retail Park, Anglia Retail Park
    • Costa & KFC: Anglia Retail Park, Martlesham Heath
    • Costa & Pizza Hut: Copdock Interchange, Anglia Retail Park
    If you factor in how close Futura Park & Euro Retail Park are... it is even less unique.
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    Facebook comments....

    Park & Ride got a noticeable mention - some people suggested some might park free in Anglia Retail Park or ASDA car park and catch a bus into town and back.

    Selected few replies...

    Cost cutting?

    Someone questioning the long wait at ASDA where it is quicker to get off the bus and walk to the retail park.

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    Facebook... (continued!)

    Some people found out the hard way...

    Some people don't entirely get it... (people are complaining because they do did use it)

    A comedian who doesn't care about facts... (the bus uses the bottom end of Norwich Road both ways - arguably the rough end)

    8 and 13 no longer linked? What took them so long! (this was to satisfy a contract of allowing council staff from railway station to Landmark House... the 8 used to go rail station for this but they decided to simply change the 13 to an 8 so they could simply stay on (rather than do what everyone on public transport has to do and get off that bus and on to another... ) hardly a long walk)

    Short walk from ASDA...

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    Facebook comments (continued...)

    A call to remove the unnecessary bus lane in Bury Road...


    There was also concerns over the Tooks bakery site doctor surgery... (they will simply change the route again if needed)

    My view...

    This is what happens when at a whim they change bus routes... people look for alternatives. People hate change. This was too drastic in my view. They knew the problems with residential parking (the excuse for changing the southern part of the route), buses always late and following each other (8 and 13 linked together) and on timing the route they decided it made sense to miss out part of the upper route to ensure the bus is punctual (probably a lot of running early now).

    They are interested in a route which can run to a timetable they thought up. They don't really care about the best route to pick up passengers. The concept here is to snub a lot of locals (this is a loss of revenue) and counterbalance it with people from other parts of the town wanting to visit Anglia Retail Park. If they have separated the 8 & 13 routes now, it is a silly decision when there is now more reason to do it although requiring passengers to change buses will increase the revenue.

    Route 8 is every 10-12 minutes... Route 9/10 are every 15 minutes. I would even dare suggest they dropped the frequency of the 8 to every 15 minutes to keep the route. If we look at South West the 9/10 equivalent (15/15A) is every 20 minutes (i.e. one bus less an hour each way) and the 8 equivalent (13) is every 10 minutes.

    The council must remove the Bury Rd bus lane... there is no park and ride anymore and the 8 will no longer serve it. Too few buses use Bury Rd now (other operators) to make it worthwhile. I can't see this happening though.