Ipswich Star New 20mph zones needed in east Ipswich before ‘someone is killed’, campaigners say

Discussion in 'Ipswich News' started by newsbot, Sep 13, 2017.

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    Campaigners have claimed it is “only a matter of time before someone is killed” as a result of speeding on east Ipswich roads unless 20mph zones are introduced.

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    what rubbish, so will it still be OK for cars, trucks and busses to drive past my house at 40mph then? How Ipswich can still have a major road through it with so many homes along it and it still be 40 mph beggars belief. In mist of the current 20 mph street you can barely do that anyway due to all the parked cars etc. and in the 30 mph ones people simple need to drive properly, and pedestrians need to pay due care and attention as well
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    I agree with the campaigners statement...

    Be it murder, death by dangerous driving, suicide or illnesses from the pollution... it is probable that someone will be killed on the roads of east Ipswich or as a result of the traffic. It is a probable fact which I hope doesn't happen for quite some while.

    I usually get severe threats to my life from what should be the most safest situations... I am sure I could wander onto the A12 and survive... but I won't! In East Ipswich, three notable cases are:-
    1. The zebra crossing at Futura Park (James Bennett Avenue) - it is indeed a private road and not a public highway (but the law states a "public place" in relation to offences (RTA)) - someone tried to mow me down.
    2. Sainsbury's Warren Heath - another zebra crossing!! Same applies a supermarket car park is a public place when the supermarket is open.
    3. Ransomes Europark - people act like complete ....(!!!)... as it is private property. Almost hit by a 4x4 at Masterlord Office Village as some people think it is acceptable to accelerate, take eyes off road and put your seat belt on!
    People are dynamic to their driving style. If they know it is private land they will drive to a worse standard - thinking they cannot be prosecuted for it, and as I have noticed this largely means not paying attention to the road at all. As soon as it gets dark, people become more daring to pushing the boundaries (knowing/anticipating fewer police on the road).

    I don't believe blaming speed is the answer. The unnecessary speed reductions is partly the reason why driving standards on the road are so bad. If there is an alternative (Northern Bypass) I would be all for road restrictions. I believe in the common sense statement of...

    The attitude of many pedestrians is appalling. I often see people risk their lives within 50 metres of a crossing. It is a bugbear of mine. Stop, Look and Listen never comes into it. I rarely cross at a junction - always around a corner giving a margin of escape and never cross half-way (unless traffic island).

    You are right - the issue is parked cars and pedestrians camouflaging between them and stepping out... also Suffolk Highways have got lazy by not painting lines (apart from double yellows of course) which does very little for lane discipline. So it is ironic, they want to reduce the rat runs by a 20mph deterrent... as it is their vehicles which are causing the primary hazard. I doubt many people exceed that on those roads especially watching out for potholes. I doubt anyone could care about breaking the speed limit to a 20 mph zone in such roads... as where is the speed cameras to get caught?! Perhaps install speed bumps and zebra crossings instead? Test out the suspension...

    It is the case that it is their road and they see no reason why anyone else should go down it... but it is a public highway, they have paid their taxes and have every right to navigate down it- rat run or not.