Ipswich Star Mixed views for pop-up beach in Christchurch Park after complaints lodged about mess left

Discussion in 'Ipswich News' started by newsbot, Sep 11, 2017.

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    A pop-up beach which drew thousands to Christchurch Park this summer has sparked debate among residents and visitors.

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  5. martinc

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    lets have some fun with number shall we;

    15000 visitors in 6 weeks, thats 357 per day.

    So this is all aimed at small children, there were a few things you had to pay to go on, but lets say average spend per visitor £10.00, so we now have £3,500 income per day.

    The place was staffed, I have no idea how many there were but they all came with the set up so far as I could tell, and so we may well have a staff of 6 full time per day.

    Cost to employ those staff, all in, should we say, 8hrs, at £15 /hr, x 6 = we now have £720 a day wage bill, I would hazard a guess it could be more like £1,000.

    Take out cost to set up and remove, cost of maintenance of the kit, the sand, the stock and other stuff, what's left out of the income? Not a lot I imagine.

    Now the "beach" came with its on caravan park next to it where I guess all the staff lived for the duration, I wonder was that part of the deal or were they paying IBC for the camping pitches?

    I wonder did IBC charge a rent for the beach site then the providers took all the money? Or did IBC pay then to come, and then take the income? It was free to enter, so money taken would be on the rides/activities and the sale of food and drink.

    And did whatever the arrangement was factor in the reinstatement cost of the grass, which has had to be reseeded and cared for afterwards?

    I get the distinct feeling many were unhappy about this whole venture, especially those involved with the care of our wonderful park. This appeared on the Friends of Christchurch Park Facebook page a few days ago, it suggests much unhappiness to me, but reading a thread following there was much positive feedback, so who knows. It did bother me that poor mabel the owl had the beach on one side of her and the caravans the other, no wonder she hasn't been seen lately..!

    Christchurch Park
    9 September at 08:01 ·
    Kids Fun Beach.
    The grass will recover in weeks (it is being immediately reseeded) the memories of thousands of little children will stay with them far far longer. The Council's heart is in the right place, and they are willing to receive comments, so our official line is speak to the Council. We are working on our own projects to improve the Park, and are confident that the Council will do what is right to restore the status quo.
    Let's move on...
  6. dan5

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    With all respect to FoCP... it doesn't matter what their opinion on the matter is. Friends groups are just a way of getting volunteers to go beyond the bare minimum the council wants to do. Or so is the view of the council. They have no authority over the land, wouldn't have been consulted over this (although may have been notified) and the only reason they won't take it up with the council is they won't do anything (apart from perhaps take away the friends group if they get too vocal).

    I think it is worrying the lack of transparency here. I am also curious as to whether they charged a rent or took a cut. I couldn't find any mention of it in any council meeting documents. Not sure if it is worth writing to them to obtain it. I am sure it is an commercial operational matter and wouldn't disclose it anyway.

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