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Ipswich Star Mandatory Cctv Cameras To Be Installed In Slaughterhouses Under Government Animal Welfare Plans

Discussion in 'Ipswich News' started by newsbot, Aug 11, 2017.

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  1. newsbot


    CCTV will be mandatory in all slaughterhouses in England under plans announced by Environment Secretary Michael Gove.

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  3. martinc


    more quality local journalism here. How about adding a local spin on the story; where in fact is the nearest facility to Ipswich, iso far as i'm aware there isn't one on the Borough now, so why is it news at all? More and more rubbish to fill up the pages of the Star it seems, assuming some of this rubbish also makes it into the paper version. And so far as the actual issue is concerned it strikes me of an attempt to reduce the number of inspectors needed by replacing them with cctv cameras instead. So we can expect a issue shortly with contaminated meat being supplied by UK abattoirs...
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    • dan5

      dan5ModeratorStaff Member

      Nailed it! Right on the money, it is to reduce inspections...

      Nothing to do with prosecuting post-event which they have adequate powers already to do... inspections are there to try to prevent a problem pre-event. I am sure the CCTVs "don't work" when they are most needed... or some liability overwrites a vital tape...

      Not a single slaughterhouse in the borough and our MP isn't the cabinet minister responsible either...
    • dan5

      dan5ModeratorStaff Member

      Oh... and we hear a lot of "British & Irish" being construed to as British... but this applies solely to England, so what about Wales, NI and Scotland? Do they not have slaughterhouses?

      It is relevant as the actual constituent country (or specific place) is rarely mentioned... (unless it gets a premium price) and for-example most Angus ("Aberdeen Angus") comes from Ireland, not Scotland! Don't assume the breed is where it native home is.

      ^ Ironically enough I know Scotland has one as an Angus slaughterhouse burnt down recently.

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