Jubilee Park

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    There is no official park in Ipswich called Jubilee Park, however, a small playing field and play area in Victoria Street (IP1 2JX) near Westgate Ward Social Club in Westgate Ward is sometimes referred to as "Jubilee Park". There is no public park in the entire Westgate Ward. This terminology is even used by the council and police.

    Most references to "Jubilee Park" in council committee meeting minutes and through Google reveals it to be a crime hot spot of anti-social behaviour. It is probably a sensible option to opt out of visiting it.

    Why Jubilee Park? I would guess Victoria Street is named after Queen Victoria in either 1887 or 1897 to commemorate Queen Victoria's golden or diamond jubilee. This is a wild guess, could be far wide of the mark. As it appears to a really recent change it could even have been penned in 2012 for the current queen's diamond jubilee. This said, I have personally only first heard of this phrase in 2017...
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