Ipswich Star Jubilee Friends Group formed in Ipswich to turn around negative perceptions of area

Discussion in 'Ipswich News' started by newsbot, Sep 12, 2017.

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    A friends group has been formed for Jubilee Park to help bring the community together and tackle negative perceptions around the area.

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  3. martinc


    honestly, i think someone has made up the Jubilee Park name thing recently, is there a park actually named that? where even is this?
  4. dan5

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    Jubilee Park? I would guess it is a fancy name for the recreational ground near football stadium? Over time some recreational grounds get bumped up to "park" status. No mention of it on here... Park locations and opening times | Ipswich Borough Council

    I have never heard of an Jubilee Park!!! Not in Ipswich anyhow. "Park" doesn't necessary imply a public park, it can refer to housing areas such as Stoke Park and caravan parks such as Heathlands Park and Falcon Park (neither in the borough).

    Westgate Ward... Councillor details - Councillor Colin Kreidewolf | Democracy Online | Ipswich Borough Council which has no public parks within the ward. No recreational areas to talk of and no modern housing to talk of. Roughly, Westgate Ward constraints... North... below Anglesey Road and Norwich Road, East... Fonnereau Road, South... London Road from Yarmouth Road following the curve of London Road through to Crown Street, West.. Railway line and river.

    The Queen's Diamond Jubilee was 2012 (?) I don't know of any housing built since then.

    Researching into it they must mean the play area near Westgate Ward Social Club...


    Agenda item - Play Area Priorities for Central Ipswich | Democracy Online | Ipswich Borough Council Yes, appears to be the case.

    The entire ward is a complete +-disaster ... should be demolished entirely and regenerated. Failing that if Jubilee Park (that is a small play area and field) is such a problem simply close it down... build some more housing on there... :D