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Jones Bootmaker In Ipswich Is Closing Down After 25 Years Of Trading In The Town

Discussion in 'Ipswich News' started by newsbot, Aug 9, 2017.

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  1. newsbot


    A woman who has worked at the site of Jones Bootmakers in Ipswich for the last 45 years says she will be ‘sad to see the doors shut for the last time’ when it closes on Monday.

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  3. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Worrying times when even chains are leaving Ipswich town centre.

    Ipswich Central has to take some responsibility for this.
  4. martinc


    but Jones are part of the very troubled Brantano company, so I think it was inevitable it would spread to them in the end..

    the Star seem to have missed that bit in their reporting...
  5. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Ah right, yes they are! A big problem in the town is.... Buttermarket is an expensive street, BHS went and no new tenant has been found. There is no rush for the council or BID to get involved. Arras Square improvements could have encourage a potential tenant to come forward. BHS hadn't done a wonderful trade in years (before it closed) but it still would have brought people down that street in town.

    A good 75% of people must cut through the Buttermarket Centre or down St Stephens Lane. I think people are more likely to walk down Buttermarket from Upper Brook Street rather than up it (vice versa).

    We can only hope The Works is next to go... until then Jones is likely to be used as a pop-up pound shop or festive store.

    Perhaps now is the time to start regenerating the town centre... forget the Cornhill... Arras Square, Buttermarket street... fully pedestrianise it, repave it, add some planting, seats... I am not sure why the politicians are in denial and why Bury St Edmunds would do this in their town and we just for some reason, can't?

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