JD Sports: Tessuti designer clothing coming to old Next unit

Discussion in 'Central Ipswich' started by dan5, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    Ipswich Society reports that Tessuti is coming to Ipswich in the former Next unit.

    Not only do they have big posters up which coincidentally reflect top-end brand "burger king", they have misspelt (excuse the pun) recruiting as "recuiting".

    So who is Tessuti? I have never heard of them. Founded in 1985, it is Italian for "textiles" and part of JD Sports.

    In my opinion, a very speculative effort by JD Sports to trial an expensive clothing retailer by taking a competitor's unit and closely located next to Mark & Spencer.

    I have to ask why they chose Ipswich instead of Norwich, Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds or Colchester... but no doubt they are testing the water and will simply reestablish their store somewhere better... but the truth happens to be Ipswich has very few top-end competing retailers in the town... we have no Next and Coes isn't in the town centre either.

    Facebook brings out a lot of the typical "sold people"... I doubt anyone have heard of the brand but most are really happy "Tessuti" is opening in Ipswich (I suppose as it isn't Primark or Pep&Co). Bottom line is it is better than an empty unit! I cannot see it lasting much longer term, they are obviously seeing if they can make that store work by bringing in the people before head-to-head with other brands. This is clearly a step up from Next and it is ironic that a fast food place is opposite.

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  2. martinc

    martincFounder Member

    its taken a long while but they have now corrected the spelling mistake on the posters I noticed yesterday..
  3. OP

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    Seriously? WOW :D I am surprised they are still recruiting for staff.

    And this place isn't open yet? They would want to make sure they can open for when late night shopping... (whenever that is! I assume in 2-3 weeks time...)

    I wonder how sophisticated this place will be, no doubt it will be staffed by fresh out-of-school (lowest minimum wage) to boost profits or will it be more sales orientated?
  4. martinc

    martincFounder Member


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