Ipswich women angry over 'serious' and 'barbaric' sex attack claim hoax

Discussion in 'Crime & Safety' started by dan5, Sep 7, 2017.

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    Ipswich members of the public are very angry - in particular women who felt unsafe going out after dark since the sensational news reports - over an incident which was described in the Ipswich Star as both a serious sexual assault and barbaric sex attack.

    What can only appear to be a sick mockery of the Rope Walk attempted rape incident coinciding with the recent sentencing of the two suspects; very few people are defending the unnamed woman.

    We of course don't know if it was Suffolk Police who made it up or the victim making a false allegation. Without information to the contrary we can only assume the woman raised the alarm of being attacked or being in a distressed state.

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    (Not publishing names for this topic; gender has no real bearing but added here nonetheless)
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