Ipswich Waterfront Modern Aluminium Sphere Bauble Tree

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    The fifth year of a modern politically correct Christmas tree, has seen its demotion to outside Ipswich's University of Suffolk Waterfront Building on the Ipswich Waterfront. It is actually better suited here. This aluminium monstrosity serves a reminder of the little unambitious steps Ipswich tries to innovate by those in charge of the taxpayer purse, always ends up as a major embarrassment. Just like the educational establishment bordering the tree and the regeneration project of the Wet Dock.

    This is okay, as Paul Clement CEO of Ipswich Central thought it looked good, with the intention of being the most talked about tree in the UK. Notice this doesn't equate to the same as attracting shoppers or visitors!

    This tree was part of another £100,000 taxpayer investment in festive decorations.

    Some of the comments (priority weighted by peer voting) from 2012 on the above article:-

    • ewanwhosarmy from Bognor said: So it`s official. Paul Clement, chief executive of Ipswich Central, is only interested in getting Ipswich talked about, not about the spirit and tradition of Christmas (oops, sorry, Festive Season!). Also some of the money which paid for this `Balls Up`, came from the council tax payers, so why shouldn`t they have their say??
    • DaB from Cambs said: I thought maybe it was selected so that it did not upset "other" faiths! Just a thought as the traditional Christmas continues its path down the plug hole.
    • shaun from Exeter said: Go on then, slash jobs, then spend 10000 on a PC christmas tree so yuo don't offend anyone. Well, you just might have!
    • Tuxedocat from Spalding said: That's horrible and it's not even straight. Surely a real tree would have cost a lot less than that. It doesn't even look robust enough to last more than one year. A terrible waste of money in my opinion.
    • martin from Hampshire said: - Whether in National or Local Government, the Lib-Lab-Con' Tricksters just Love being P.C. & Wasting Other peoples Money...... Vote U.K.I.P........!
    • Rick from Norfolk said: What a load of balls. Ha ha ha. Sorry!
    • rex from Droitwich said: do council jobsworths EVER bother to check these daft ideas with their employers, the council taxpayers.
    • Benito from Vera Cruz said: Whoever knocked up that monstrosity in his back yard must be laughing all the way to the bank! How come so many councillors are so stupid? Is it a compulsory condition for the post?
    • william68 from Manchester said: Sack the idiot who thought this was a good idea
    • knowles2 from Chigwell said: Look like Ipswich council have achieve their aim, get people talking about a tree and perhaps attract a few people to come an see it in person. Which is after all how most councils justify the costs of putting on a Christmas display in the first place and get sponsors to back them. I look forward to the red arrows.
    • nicola_smith from Colchester said: I think the tree looks fantastic! Nice to see Ipswich doing something different for a change.
    • Dave from Manchester said: I've seen this tree in the flesh and it looks stunning in the dark, when lights are supposed to be viewed. Absolutely stunning.
    • binghamn from Suffolk said: I think it looks brilliant and think Ipswich is right to try something different to attract new visitors to the town. I'm sure if it had been put in any other town I'm sure the people of Ipswich would be saying why do we never get anything like that here? You'll never please everyone, but I think it's a great addition to the town this Christmas.
    Unfortunately, with the comment switch-over on the Ipswich Star website no longer got those comments to look at.

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    A non-flattering photo...
    Lights are permanently on 24/7 (?) - sunlight lit? Casing are white and strobes camera! They are on, same with the Christmas Tree on Cornhill.

    Cheapest LEDs available. No wonder it looks tacky. Two types also.

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