Ipswich Top 6 Coach Destination for half-term week

Discussion in 'Tourism' started by Ipswi, Feb 17, 2017.

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    Good to hear Ipswich was the 6th most popular destination town for half-term week - by advanced bookings - for National Express coaches.

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  4. dan5

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    It cannot be too surprising overall. Just have to break it down...

    • Coach not train

    • Town not city

    • Advance not overall

    For instance, I have never purchased an advance coach ticket. With the train you are stupid not to due to high costs on the day but with coach (unless their pricing structure has changed) as long as you book the day before the price doesn't vary much. National Express also does "funfares" which are cheap nonrefundable fares. If I remember correctly they are normally one way similar to what the train companies do... one way cheap, the other averages it out.

    A top 6 town - in the UK or England - not city. Travel between large cities are always cheaper than to/from a town. This is why it is the same price on the Greater Anglia promotional fare adverts to travel to Norwich then it is Ipswich. Train has so much transferring to do - such as at London or Peterborough. If it is major cities on the same line it is convenient.

    I doubt it is tourism - people coming back to their home town from their uni or people visiting those studying here most likely. I am sure we aren't in the top 6 towns when you consider non-advance fares.
  5. martinc


    meaningless statistic spun a bit for the sake of a story then...
  6. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Indeed, seems very much like it. If you cannot link those people up to genuine tourist activities... then they shouldn't shout about it being tourism related. I think the "thousands" figures is also misleading...

    If a coach has a capacity of 49 passengers.
    If there is 5 days in half-term week.
    If there is 4 x 481 services arriving in Ipswich per day.
    If there is 11 x 250 services from Heathrow/Stansted per day.

    This is a theoretical maximum capacity of 3675 people. 980 via 481, 2695 via 250. The 481 service stops at Chelmsford and Colchester - some journeys stop elsewhere including Felixstowe. The 250 service from Heathrow stops at Stansted, Braintree and Colchester also. The peak services will be busy, the rest will not. I would suggest in the very low thousands.

    These statistics really annoy me - it shows Ipswich in a positive light but at the same time apart from being prematurely proud it changes nothing. There is no tourist campaign or day visitor campaign being run by either Ipswich Central or the council. The museums would have seen an increase in people as parents look for activities for their children, however, did an extra 1000-3500 people visit our museums, went shopping and visited the waterfront? 700 people per day average would be really noticeable. When I was in town it seemed relatively quiet overall.

    I laughed at the creative writing competition part...

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