Ipswich the countrys most violent town?

Discussion in 'Local Politics' started by Ipswi, Feb 21, 2017.

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    Almost 4 years since councillor David Ellesmere and Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore tried to defend Ipswich's poor violent crime record being highlighted in the UK Peace Index, a study by the Institute for Economics and Peace. Ipswich made it to number 23 on the list. Excluding cities (including London boroughs treated individually) it is the most violent town. No other towns beat Ipswich in respect to violent crime. Ipswich ranked above cities including Liverpool and Nottingham.

    This was a report released almost 4 years ago (there is no newer UK Peace Index) with figures obtained from the Home Office for a 10 year period including homicide, violent, weapon and public disorder crimes. Since 2013, crime has been rising in Ipswich quite considerably in particular to violent crimes such as stabbings.

    We have the crime of a city, without the other benefits of being a city.

    Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore wasn't happy that such a ranking conflicted with the earlier released report by the police showing the county crime figures had fallen for the seventh consecutive year!
    I don’t think anyone would really consider Ipswich to be one of the least peaceful places in the country.

    David Ellesmere had the following to say..
    Ipswich is not worse than Liverpool. That’s rubbish [...]

    Historically we have had some problems and some exemptions, but if you look at Ipswich now it would tell a very different story [...]

    Police have stepped up patrols, CCTV is in operation and town pastors are out at night. This report does not tell the true story.

    The last line rather chilling why would Suffolk Police step up patrols?

    As violent crime increases in Ipswich, we have to do the right thing as admitting it is a problem and tackling it... rather than brushing it under the carpet. The Norfolk and Suffolk Police partnership is toxic... this report in 2013 highlighted the small number of police officers we have in the town (image below). It is even worse now with shared pool policing! Stabbings, sexual violence and other violence crime will increase. Suffolk Constabulary have the pooled resources of officers across two counties to deal with murders and the general aftermath, but the prevention is more important!

    Original Ipswich Star article here... Study ranks Ipswich as the country’s most violent town – but police and council bosses label findings as rubbish 

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  3. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    Just some comments from Ipswich Star website reflecting the mood of the residents of Ipswich.
    Can't wait to see what Mr Geater says about this. Maybe he's still looking for his rose coloured glasses.

    how'd the town do
    The BBC paints Ipswich to be a cesspit, I think Ipswich is a cesspit and yet again oh yet again the statistics back me up once more. National news now official figures. Ipswich is a truley decaying cesspit of a town and it cannot be denied any longer. As they say the proof is in the pudding. Well it must be as people of Ipswich eat too much cheap pudding as this is supported by the heart disease statistics !!!!!!! Ipswich is a cesspit I REST MY CASE !!!

    the opinion man
    Quote - "taken from recorded police crime tables sourced from the Home Office" - surely they get those figures from the police, so is Mr Passmore saying that the figures are wrong? I would suggest that far from a " focus on a very select group of statistics and can give a distorted view" they are based on what the Home Office have been told over the years. Revisionist approaches are nothing new of course. More worrying is the public perception. You can't get mugged if you don't go out so crime wil stay low if people are afraid to go out. Living in fear of crime cannot be measured but it's plain for all to read on these pages, story after story.

    As always stats are used to prove the point but the real eveidence are these comments from residents of this town. We live here and know it's not safe.

    Hooray - after 6 hours I manage to finally login to this damn website amid all the popups to leave a comment. Anyone who has kept a regular eye on the news stories on this site in the past will be well aware of the increase in violent crime in this town over the past few years. The cops and the council have their own agendas to downplay any negative comment. One thing the censors cannot ban is the FACT that people from other countries have their own way of conducting themselves in their homelands and if they settle here, they will still live their lives accordingly.

    Sarky Sage
    i have heard from a very reliable source that 58% of crime in Suffolk are dealt with by the police with fixed penalty notices for even ABH and other serious offences, so there you have it the police are taking the easy route by appeasing criminals with pathetic fines. hardly likely to deter them from committing again

    peter wright
    See once again we have Mr Ellesmere from his cushy office in Grafton House saying "its not the town which is wrong its the evidence"... the study hasn't made the figures up... it hasn't sat there and thought "hmmmm I wonder what lies we can publish today about Ipswich". The truth is, our town is more violent, Police patrols are less visible, communities are less cohesive due to lack of employment opportunities and ever increasing uncontrolled immigration. David Ellesmere and his Labour cronies spend far too much time belly button gazing next to million pound yachts down by the Waterfront to see it...

    Fat Lady Sings
    Well of course the Borough Council and the Police and Crime Commissioner (whose job depends, basically, on telling everybody what a great job he's doing) are going to deny the findings of this report. If they're so confident, maybe they'd like to carry out a little demonstration of what a safe town this is? I'd like to suggest they walk unaccompanied from Major's Corner to Barrack Corner at 11pm on a Saturday night. If they make it from one end to the other, I'll agree they're right. If not, I'll send flowers.

    PC Plod
    Well Sarky, the censors ARE still managing to exclude comments on this article, even though these papers profess to be 'loyal, local and lively'. they just don't want comments which do not fit with their own agenda, even if the issue is critical to this area. They did the same with a recent comment of mine on the travellers at Dunwich. Free speech in this region? I don't think so.

    I don't think anyone understands these surveys including the Star - who has said 'the most violent town ?' no one, that's who ! -Ipswich spy ,you're the muppet too for not reading the text correctly , firstly it's per 1000 , in other words IF Ipswich was as big as Liverpool in size then Ipswich would have more violent crime ,as it is it doesn't -it simply has more per 1000 ,in other words there is more chance of getting mugged in an average street in Ipswich than an average street in Liverpool ,which may be true as Liverpool's bad areas are highly concentrated . secondly , they are not talking about Suffolk - theyre talking about IPSWICH , NO ONE has said Suffolk iswas violent -it isn't . My word , no wonder the stereotypes exist

    andy allen
    Crime has dropped for the seventh straight year? Trifling cases maybe but we`ve had child smuggling, drug farms, kidnaps, murders, muggings, rapes, London gangsters and uncle Tom Cobley and all. Pull the other one.

    "Ipswich - the most vile town in the country" Discuss!!

    At last, we are getting reports and findings that more accurately reflect the state of this once great town.

    richie w
    The point is that crime has been ALLOWED to grow to epidemic proportions. We are now told that violent crime has decreased in the UK; that may be so but nuisance crime is vastly increased. Whereas once the police would (could) respond to incidents of petty crime, including the yobs who think they are now immune from punishment for their anti-social behaviour, that is no longer possible; the police are overwhelmed by the volume of petty crime. People can blame the Councils but who rules the UK? It is the politicians - and they have allowed this to happen. Mostly they seek ways to avoid punishing people, especially youth, in the home, in schools and in public. they look for 'initiatives' to help criminals understand their behaviour' whilst the criminals laugh all the way to the benefits office. It is time we dispensed with the kid gloves and took out the iron rod; give me 6 months and the freedom to deal with crime (not hurting innocent people's civil rights) and I could solve the problem. Most criminals would be shaking in their boots. But I am just an ordinary person; it is the government that needs to do this, but it will never happen. It is not magic, it just means that criminals know the consequences are serious and painful. But now it would take a dictatorship to return us back to a low crime nation but, unfortunately, most dictatorships model Orwell's 'Animal Farm' and the ideology is discredited. So we remain in a sinking ship; a nation divided by wealth where the wealthy govern us (or control the government) but are generally isolated from crime and the rest of us, subject to crime but with no recourse except the overwhelmed police and useless Courts. If anyone thinks that anything other than severe punishment will solve our crime problem then they have their heads in the sand. I wrote about this subject to my local papers about 20 years ago and most of what I predicted has happened; let it go another 20 years and ordinary people will have no choice but to deal with crime themselves and the consequences could be dreadful.

    Apart from the FridaySaturday night drunks (which is true of most towns of any size), I'm not aware that Ipswich is violent. Yes, there are muggingsmurdersrapes etc but can anybody honestly say that there are more here than elsewhere?

    Mr Grumpy
    Jason Pilbury, I was born here, I'm 61. I'm not proud of the growing violence in any town, especially not my home town, one I patrolled in. We used to put out 9 Panda beats, 9 town centre beats, have a 2 crew area car, 2 sgts and and Inspector on night duty, plus a van. When troublemakers saw the van they didn't challenge and argue and spoil for a fight like they do today. By the time I left around 2000. there were 5 on a night duty. What is it now I wonder. Back in the 80's my colleagues tried to clamp down on the growing small time dealers that young teenagers were easy prey too. The courts and the message went soft and we can see the results today. Drunks in the cells were a few regulars. Any fights in pubs and the van was there and it was dealt with. Proper landlords and proper licensing. The town didn't need street pastors. Knife crime, robbery, robbery of phones, reported too frequently now. So people talk of one town not quite as violent as another. What gave we come too. The sad thing is it needn't have gone this way.

    Wow, a survey that confirms what local people have been saying for years, that our town is unsafe at night is dispelled by our council, that is disgraceful, they soon jump on the bandwagon gives good news, oh sorry there is no good news about our town .

    this is what we pay tax for
    And if he agrees to go on a walk at Majors Corner lets make sure that its alone as it would be for a young woman on her way home, not with dozens of cameramen and journalists there to make it a circus.

    It's all about league tables & Brownie points at the end of the day, but unfortuantely the facts speak for themselves. Unless the Councils & the Police open their eyes Ipswich will remain a violent place. Who in their right mind walks the streets of Ipswich Town Centre on a friday & Saturday night when 99% of the people there are drunk, & abnoxious? If you're not under 30 yrs old, you steer clear. Blame the clubs for breaking the law for serving alcohol to drunk people, blame the Police for not arresting everyone who is drunk & abusive....we could go on. At the end of the day it is down to people who live in Ipswich full stop. It is not a nice place at night, fact.

    Concerned of Suffolk
    "I'd like to suggest they walk unaccompanied from Major's Corner to Barrack Corner at 11pm on a Saturday night." What an unfulfilling challenge. Ive walked that walk on many occasion and nothing untoward observed or involved with. Now if you had suggested going all the way down to Prospect Rd. that's a different story. I dont trust Govt stats, full stop and anecdotally Ipswich seems to be no better or worse than other similar sized towns in England.

    Steve Blake
  4. OP


    The plot thickens? 

    Police have released CCTV images of two rape suspects they want to speak to after a woman was raped near Suffolk New College. Hopefully they will be caught and prosecuted. (Nothing to say these two people being seen on CCTV is anything other than a coincidence, but it seems that they meet a description)

    An Hawk Express minicab driver (self-employed) has been in the news for picking up a vulnerable teenager and stealing her phone.

    Children have been in the news, a 14-year old was stabbed in Norwich Road (minor injuries), a girl as young as 10 was sexually assaulted on a bus in Claydon and a man has been arrested for assaulting a 14-year old boy in Norwich Road.

    This all comes after stabbings in Prospect Street, a teenager shot in Siloam Place, two people killed in West Meadows, two stabbings in Foundation Street, a murder at Ancaster Road, gunpoint muggings in Princes Street and Old Foundary Road, burglaries in Pinewood, double attempted murder in Wherstead Road and four shop robberies across town - police are reassuring residents that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. However, the crime surge continues, including sexual assaults.

    When will Suffolk Constabulary admit that there is a big problem? When will Ipswich Borough Council accept that their relaxed attitude on town improvement which creates ghettos and deprivation is a factor into all this?

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