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Ipswich Society: Putting The Facts In Perspective

Discussion in 'Local Politics' started by dan5, Aug 9, 2017.

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  1. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    An long overdue rant on Ipswich Society's facebook...

    It was people like Mark Ling and Orwell Ahead that worked hard to stop the regional Norwich bias and increase Ipswich's representation. Archant is a Norfolk company who have no real interest in Ipswich. The only reason why they rebranded away from Evening Star to Ipswich Star was to rescue their falling readership... by targeting the large town they sell more papers (they tried a Felixstowe Star edition for similar before scrapping it) and by having Ipswich (instead of evening) in the domain name they dominate Google results as they churn out anything from 3 to 20 articles for a small piece of news - they must make serious amounts of money from website advertising. Rare for an Ipswich topic Google Image search without a couple from the Star.

    Just today they tried their negative stirring...

    I must admit I was being tricked into ranting about how poorly the town is. It is the truth but it is a pointless article, so pointless they pulled it immediately, it now gives a 404 Not Found. I guess they are waiting for tomorrow. I haven't commented on the IPSWI topic as I am awaiting it to be reposted.

    My view was based around town centre mismanagement (i.e. the town centre hasn't thrived for decades) and the fact there has been no retail park boom - just limited activity. Futura Park has stalled (the Enterprise Zone part of it is two car showrooms) and the boost to Anglia Retail Park is down to B&Q leaving... they had a huge unit and although you might pop in another shop while you are there they weren't really compatible. Not to forget some new tenants are relocations - like the Range.

    I don't classify supermarkets as retail parks (or out of town retailing). A completely different category of retail. At the end of the day you have direct competitors, indirect competitors and then you have monopolistic titans who absorb peoples disposable income and thus can hamper your sales. Relative to any scenario there is only ever going to be a finite amount of money available which is why schemes to keep money local are vital going forward.
    Welcome to the new IPSWI beta!
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  3. martinc


    nice to see the Ips Soc stick their head above the parapet just this once...
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    • OP

      dan5ModeratorStaff Member

      I agree! Are we seeing a turning point? They have became very passive over the years...

      Perhaps they have a bee in their bonnet about the Cornhill Regeneration?

      Ipswich Star posted that article today... Paul Geater article. I assume he posted it before he went round getting photos for all the out-of-town retail in the area! I am keeping an eye out on the comments...
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      dan5ModeratorStaff Member

      (Language more offensive than this CBA logo... You have bene warned!)
      (Maybe I should have loaded up photoshop after all... instead of Paint lol)

      It appears someone from the Archant Ipswich office has defended themselves: "Wasn't us Guv, it was Norwich..." We don't give a sh!t who it was, we just don't want our town being put down and a poor level of journalism in our sole local newspaper!


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