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    One of my growing pet hates bugbears in recent times is poor standards of driving. Primarily as witnessed by professional drivers.

    Lorries overtaking on the A14 can be annoying but this topic is to focus on taxi drivers and bus drivers (from my perspectives anyhow).

    Professional Drivers

    The below is my experiences to share but feel free to add any incidents of poor standards by taxi drivers, bus drivers, driving instructors and lorry drivers. People make mistakes (which might be an isolated incident) so use common sense as to what is significantly bad. This includes any road traffic offence.

    Taxi Drivers

    Just last week I reported two taxi drivers to Ipswich Borough Council as I have had enough of observing their poor driving. If people are allowed to make mistakes all the time - especially the kind where it doesn't pose a risk of harming anyone - then I don't think it is right if offering a professional service which requires a licence with the council for that person to be able to make a living from lowering overall road standards.

    The first observation in recent times is the number of taxi drivers driving around at night without headlights (or sidelights). As soon as they get to Peel Street (near Electric House) they turn off their headlights... they (some) continue to drive - despite a relatively likely number of pedestrians in such area (such as to get a taxi or walking towards Tower Ramparts bus station) - down Lloyds Avenue, turn round (usually requiring a stage of reversing to complete the manoeuvre) and park up at the taxi rank outside Mecca.

    I witnessed a taxi driver doing this at night whilst I walked down Lloyds Avenue to post a letter (later realising the closer postbox) - I shouted out to have a word with him. He might not have spoke English but the hand gestures indicating headlights would be enough. Was rude and ignored me (despite causing a bit of a scene to anyone in the street) . Possibly he didn't see the hand gestures, in such case he wouldn't have seen a person crossing the road in front of him without the headlights.

    Another occasion I witnessed a taxi driver (not sure if had a passenger on board or not) jump a red light on Crown Street as a police car passed in an emergency. He was playing with his phone. He had no idea the lights were red and it took him a while to realise the car passing him was the police. He wasn't going fast but that isn't the point. I am hoping the CCTV cameras would have captured something or for the police officers to have noticed this taxi driver on his phone whilst attending the emergency call. Since the penalties have doubled I have been seeing more offenders! I don't go looking for it exactly

    I will report back here with a copy of the letter I sent and naming and shaming the drivers. I will also keep everyone updated to what action Ipswich Borough Council takes. I suspect for the first case perhaps reminding him that he needs his headlights on whilst driving... the second case I hope they revoke his hackney carriage licence. It was disgraceful seeing him slowly progress along Crown Street outside Crown Pools staring at his phone as he tried to hide it oblivious to anything around him such as pedestrians in the middle of the day of a busy crossing whilst a police car raced past.

    Bus Drivers

    Overall pretty good drivers and people. Of no surprise (perhaps in relation to the Tower Ramparts Bus Station) the Crown Street lights are also heavily featured. Some need to be taken off the road. Courtesy of Ipswich Dash Cam some really shocking driving captured! On this site has also been comments of bus journeys with some degree of issues.

    Ipswich Buses Ipswich Hospital Route 6 Service Red Light Jump with pedestrians crossing

    Please excuse the red circles...

    1. Traffic Light Signal is on Red.

    2. Pedestrian with shopping bag crossing road (started at the kerb of circled traffic light).

    3. Bus driving through the red light regardless of the pedestrian crossing the road.

    The video footage clearly shows the movement of the pedestrian, the fact the lights went red before the bus went over the crossing and that it isn't the case of the bus crossing at green but stopped further up by traffic. The Service 6 bus stop is on the outside so bus passed a yellow box.

    Ipswich Buses Ipswich Hospital Route 6 Service Red Light Jump with pedestrians crossing

    Bus not bothered by pedestrians on crossing

    Same set of lights from the other side. A wet day.

    1. Pedestrians at the crossing waiting to cross

    2. Pedestrians on the other side of the crossing starting to cross the road despite vehicle crossing their path

    3. Traffic signal red.

    In this case, the bus had adequate opportunity to stop for Amber. The front wheels were advanced before the light went red. A professional driver would be reasonably expected to stop for the pedestrians. This scenario poor but not as bad as the first one.

    Bus not bothered by pedestrians on crossing

    Another Ipswich Buses Red Light Jump!

    1. Traffic Signal red

    2. Bus turning out from Tower Ramparts Bus Station

    Not clear from snapshot whether any pedestrians are on the crossing. The video clip this snippet is from shows the bus continuing past the pedestrian crossing. As shown the bus is actually half way over the crossing at that moment in time.

    Another Ipswich Buses Red Light Jump!

    First Group bus jumps red light at night in the wet

    Not just Ipswich Buses...

    1. Traffic signal is red

    2. First bus drives through in the bus station

    First Group bus jumps red light at night in the wet

    First Group bus passes red when could have stopped

    1. Traffic light is red

    2. Bus slowly negotiates between the car to the right

    The bus appears to have passed the line before the lights turned red... however, continues over at slow pace making sure it doesn't collide with the vehicle on the right.  The bus is held up in traffic just 20 metres further up, posing the question "Why continue forward when the light is red with nowhere to go?"

    First Group bus passes red when could have stopped

    Three Ipswich Buses Professional Drivers Red Light Jump Simultaneously Crown Street

    1. Traffic light signal is red

    2. A bus well advanced through the red light

    3. A bus about to jump the red light (fleet #93; service 8; X93 LBJ)

    4. A bus well advanced through the red light (another service 8)

    A car behind the third bus (one on the right) also jumps the red light ("if he can do it, so will I") - this is what I mean by poor behaviour by professional drivers influence other road users to develop bad standards of driving. The video clip shows all buses visible passing the traffic lights whilst the signal shows red light.

    Three Ipswich Buses Professional Drivers Red Light Jump Simultaneously Crown Street

    Carters Service 93C Professional Bus Driver crosses double solid white line onto oncoming traffic

    This driver should have been sent to prison! This makes all other featured poor driving in the article seem insignificant.

    1. Traffic light signal red

    2. Traffic light signal red

    3. Carters 93C bus (on opposite side of the road towards oncoming traffic)

    4. Double Solid White Line - shouldn't be overtaking over a solid white line

    5. Oncoming traffic. The traffic lights have just turned green and this car is the first to accelerate forward. Despite being clearly in the left lane, it is very common for vehicles to quickly change lane. A driver with poor observation skills could have driven into the bus.

    Later, Ipswich Buses were so impressed they acquired Carters!

    Carters Service 93C Professional Bus Driver crosses double solid white line onto oncoming traffic

    Another bus jumps red lights in Crown Street

    1. Traffic signal red

    2. Bus passing the crossing

    Another bus jumps red lights in Crown Street

    The interesting element is highlighted in the following snippet a few seconds later...

    People wearing dark clothes are hard to see#

    How many people are crossing? I counted 4 (but not from this image!) The human eye would pick up more than this camera most certainly but the people are hard to see wearing dark clothing so highlights how dangerous it is for red light jumping!

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    Never heard anything back from Ipswich Borough Council. Don't think they ever took any action.

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