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Ipswich Northern Bypass Nbp Part 6

Discussion in 'Northern Bypass' started by Ipswich, Aug 1, 2017.

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  1. Ipswich

    IpswichAdministratorStaff Member

    Introducing Part 6 of the Northern Bypass conversation.

    Links to Parts 1-5 are as follows:-
    Momentum is growing...
    • Northern Route study
    • New MP (against Upper Orwell Crossings; for a Northern Route)
    • Campaign more organised
    • Plenty of developments behind the scenes (revealed in due course)
    • Unitary Authority case improving - both East and West of the county are forming as East Suffolk and West Suffolk respectively.
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  3. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    As stated elsewhere, the council gods have been messing about with their new computer controlled traffic light system and it has messed up traffic flow from what I can see.

    I am sure they will blame it on the summer holidays for extra peak of traffic...

    This may play into our hands... I don't doubt this is deliberate by Suffolk County Council to sell the Upper Orwell Crossings... however, it can only prove Ipswich needs a Northern Bypass.
  4. watchfull


    Ipswich Star -- Orwell bridge inspection etc etc
    15:37 05 Aug 2017 -- Richard Cornwell -- more sleepless nights for some -- check it out -- just another reason why we need a NBP
  5. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member


    To spell it out clearer... A14 J55 (Copdock Interchange - which is overcapacity and already struggles) the A1214 being London Road, Yarmouth Road and the rest of the old bypass... A1189 (old Ipswich East bypass, extension to the bypass around the top of town) is Heath Road and Bixley Road, and A1156 Felixstowe Road. The existing road network really struggles.

    I notice they aren't using the Upper Orwell Crossing route (Wherstead Road from A14 J56 (then Star Lane gyratory and then Duke Street) on to Landseer Road and Nacton Road). Perhaps they should try it?
  6. watchfull


    If memory serves me correctly Martin is writing to Sandy Martin MP regarding the position of the NBP -- my MP is Dan Poulter and I have written to him asking for his support -- if I get a reply I will be informing all on here -- please bear in mind that I have emailed him on a number of occasions and have never had a reply -- fingers crossed this time
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    • dan5

      dan5ModeratorStaff Member

      I wonder if touring the villages (perhaps with both MPs in-tow) would be a good idea.

      An early backlash could be very counter-productive. Although we don't know about support. Up there is a lot of AB social grade workers who would benefit the most from a Northern Bypass.

      (With the Sizewell C stuff a few villages are supporting a bypass around their villages... yes, to stop the traffic going directly through but the bypass is likely to be much larger roads. )

      One of the main issues about an NBP is there is no official route map so people can (wrongly) expect it might literally go past outside their house! For the vast majority, they wouldn't experience any downsides.
    • martinc


      Traffic generally around town very light currently it seems, school hols of course, so less school runs and lots of people on holiday. The Colchester Road/Valley Road is running pretty well in the mornings currently.

      On the subject of the traffic lights my better half reports that busses in the morning to the east of Ipswich are generally running better now, less hold ups, at lights such as at bottom of Grove Lane/Warwick Road, and from my experience heading North up Waterworks Street again traffic flows a lot better than it did before all the works, so we between us can see some small improvements due to Travel Ipswich.

      Mr Martin is on my list for a chase up. I've enjoyed all his holiday tweets from Scotland but now i want to hear some positive news from him on the NBP...!
    • dan5

      dan5ModeratorStaff Member

      Improvements down to Travel Ipswich?! Great to hear! This has been long overdue. (Hopefully the improvements aren't down to the absence of their roadworks)

      I think it is important to realise the lower levels of traffic due to school holidays. I am glad they haven't completely messed up the signals. The Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) is supposed to be linked to the new computer system running the traffic lights... it is possible the vehicle size and/or bus schedule are factors for this. It is the 21st century so a solution should work with the technology available. It might of course just be an improvement where their algorithm/setup works.

      (They spent a great deal laying fibre optic cables which are overkill for the application - you could have simply connected it up to domestic fibre (with the fail-safe with lost internet connection of last known configuration) under a business package - so I expect to see traffic cams or speed cameras implemented particularly in out of town areas... perhaps to catch red light jumpers)

      I have to say I am basing my experiences around the A1214 London Road and associated junctions and Handford Road which appears not to work. Perhaps there are tweaks they can do. The midsection near the fuel stations between Yarmouth Road and Ranelagh Road junctions just isn't fit for purpose. They messed about with the lanes which is certainly a factor but it just cannot accommodate enough traffic capacity from the surrounding roads.

      Surprised about Waterworks Street flowing better. Various suggestions for improving the road problems in that area of town would include scrapping the bus lane on St Helens Street. They should trial closing it for a week... I think public transport would notice the improvement too. Except it goes against their rhetoric of people having to use public transport!

      Yes, some nice photos. I am not sure how his talks with the Department for Transport went. The difficult element is he has said he wants to keep the two smaller bridges... I am not sure if he is smarter than anyone really gives him credit for... SCC's contribution in the Upper Orwell Crossing could clearly cover those two smaller bridges... is he calling their bluff? He knows the island site isn't likely to happen... and the business case is exaggerated. I think his break is well deserved... he hasn't been in the job long (although he has worked hard as a councillor for decades) but must be stressed out from the Tories.

      The county Conservatives won't stop until the bridge is built and I haven't seen any signs in Mr Martin giving in. The outward vice-chancellor Richard Lister of the University of Suffolk has been plugging support for the bridge in the last couple of weeks. Which hasn't helped matters. Even Paul West is coming out to talk about the vanity bridge... same old nonsense Ben Gummer and Colin Noble was saying... hinting we will get both. What we need is a Northern Bypass!!!
    • martinc


      Mr Martin still on his holidays according to Twitter, so no point asking him anything currently.
    • watchfull


      I have been receiving Colin Noble's blogs -- am I the only one? -- they are of the - 11th of July - the 26th of July and Aug the 8th -- all the wonderful things that they are going to do -- or hope to achieve -- but not one word about Ipswich or the NBP that we need -- is it worth while for me to write him a letter and try to find out where he and the SCC now stand regarding a NBP. -- or should I wait until I get a reply from Dan Puolter?
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      • dan5

        dan5ModeratorStaff Member

        Go for it! Dan Poulter may never reply.

        I will be very interested the response you receive. Whether it varies much from the material given out in the press etc.

        Are the trio (Ben Gummer, Colin Noble, Paul West) joined at the hip or just using the same template?
      • martinc


        where might we find these Colin Noble blogs?
      • dan5

        dan5ModeratorStaff Member

        Sorry to do this (help out...)

        EADT – A new weekly column

        This is Colin Noble for you... I will give a preview (notice he uses the word "new" also..)

        (I checked, it is August 2017...)

        Notice anything specific jumping out at you?! The whole blog is of the same sort...
      • watchfull


        I went on Google typed in -- askcolinnoble -- Page came up -- Suffolk County Councillors "Our Priorities" -- on the right hand one can sign in to receive blogs --
        On my laptop, I have Primary - Social - Promotions -- the blogs always come up under Social -- hopes this helps -- hope you are enjoying your hols
      • dan5

        dan5ModeratorStaff Member

        I read the SCC priorities document... it is a politically-charged Suffolk Conservative manifesto.

        Quite colourful - not too boring - but it isn't the document you would expect from a county council - pretty poor. A town or parish council under a district council producing something similar would be impressive. For the highest tier of local government for Suffolk (or any county)... I would expect far better with the named priorities.

        Such a weak document - more of the same old - I would say "easily identified areas" rather than "priorities"...

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