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Ipswich Northern Bypass NBP Part 5

Discussion in 'Northern Bypass' started by ipswichltd, May 3, 2017.

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  1. ipswichltd

    ipswichltdNew Member

    Ipswich Northern Bypass NBP Part 5: So it is May 2017, a day away from the local elections (Suffolk County Council) and around a month away from the snap General Election.

    Northern Bypass Part 4 has exceeded 200 replies, into page 10... time for a new topic... Ipswich Northern Bypass NBP Part 5!

    IPSWI will keep running a discussion on the Northern Bypass until it gets built (and no guarantees that we won't continue it on talking about how great it is!)

    Always worth looking back at Part 4 for relevant content.

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  3. watchfull


    Not very good at links but please have a gander at these

    [email protected]

  4. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Watchfull, it seems Ben Gummer is recycling old articles


    http://bengummer.com/now-for-a-northern-route/ Also published in the Ipswich Star (thanks to Martin for uploading this)

    This is the March 2017 article which followed the release of the Northern Routes Study.

    He is re-releasing "news" articles to give the impression of new developments. We should be very wary that since he did the above article in March, he has released the paper publication Ben's Bulletin where he has dropped the "Northern Route" part of his 6 point plan... (on the back page with title "How's Ben doing on his 2015 pledges?" in uppercase) and said he is pushing the council for the next stage on his  Instagram..  https://www.instagram.com/p/BTT3a6DBsHx/ Nothing to suggest the council is even thinking about Stage 2 yet.

    All politicians tell lies, add spin and mislead... Ben appears to be really pushing his luck.

    Martin was also good to upload a snippet from "Ben's Bulletin" "Spring 2017" edition that I have since received... not received one outside an election!

  5. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    I am looking through much relating to pre-2015 General Elections with some good finds...


    In October 2014, an blog post on his BenGummer.com website said...
    Some people, quite understandably, have said that the money should be spent on a Northern Bypass. The two are not mutually exclusive but everyone should be clear that they deal with very different problems. First, the Wet Dock Crossing would relieve local traffic pressure within Ipswich, whereas a new bypass would be of more help in getting people to move around, outside the town. Second, the Wet Dock Crossing releases land for development. Then there is the issue of cost. A Northern Bypass was estimated last by the County Council to cost more than three times a new crossing – £250 million. And then there is time. Realistically, even if we start now, we will not get a new bypass for twenty years, where as we could have the crossing within ten.

    Ben very rarely uses the phrase "Northern Bypass" this time written rather than spoken. I am welcome to someone telling me I am wrong but ever since I have followed proceedings regarding a Northern Bypass or other roads north of Ipswich, I have never seen a Suffolk County Council document stating the Northern Bypass would cost £250m!

    Seems to be a pie-in-the-sky figure which will seem insignificant in the divorce settlement payment sent by the UK Government to the EU.


    In Dec 2014, Ben proudly announced £1.5bn investment in East of England roads... just absolutely no investment for Suffolk. Arguably, a Northern Bypass would have taken say £250m (top estimate) that is 1/6th of the total fund. Well worth it to support the UK's largest container port!
  6. martinc


    all we can say is it looks the the Northern whatever is one of his election pledges again, and you have to admit that since the last election we do at least now have a plan with three coloured lines on it and a report to go with it. That is progress, go back two/three years no one was having anything to do with it were they.

    Now we wait to see what our labour candidate is going to offer us, I am waiting with bated breath....
  7. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    I couldn't attribute Sandy Martin to much regarding a Northern Bypass, using Google search. This would have indicated a stance for or against it. We have neither. It is all a question of personal preference and do we give this person a chance?

    Ben Gummer was really quick at getting the funding from the Government for the Upper Orwell Crossings.  If he genuinely lobbied for the Northern Bypass I believe we would have got a little closer.

    Suffolk County Council - with a Tory majority - won't reveal the old plans etc. of the old Northern Bypass of the 1990s. Barriers have deliberately been put up to stop the Northern Bypass going ahead... David Ellesmere and IBC - Labour majority - won't confirm their stance on a Northern Bypass either. There was no one holding back the "Wet Dock Crossing" not even the Ipswich Maritime Trust or businesses... no resistance and a rather quick turnaround.

    The Wet Dock Crossing predates Ben a long way but was shelved. Ben revived this in 2014 (towards end of his initial term as MP) to get £77m from central government with contributions from the county council. This got approved in March 2016 budget, largely from a business study in 2015. Just a few years of hard work. Without a doubt a Northern Bypass is a much larger project and would take a bit longer.
  8. martinc


    I updated my sat nav maps at the weekend. Its nice to check after that things have indeed updated and changed, so thought to myself, what can I look at that I know will have been updated locally? And the answer was, removal of one perfectly good roundabout and replacement with traffic lights! And that so far a I could think was it, bugger all roads changed around here for what must be decades, perhaps since Ransomes Way was built, or even Grafton Way.. But head to Norwich and you have the northern whatsit in progress, a major junction upgrade on the A47 west of the city i came across the other month, and no doubt much more. Same with Colchester, a whole new road out of town linking north south to A14, and Cambridge, lots of things including a14 major junction works,, even little old Stowmarket keeps getting new bits of relief road, and Bury is getting the Rookery junction changed again to provide better access to the East of the town, it was only last changed a few years ago. But Ipswich has been stagnant it seems on the major infrastructure front now for decades, its a disgrace, we should have kept going, why did it all pretty much grind to a halt once the Orwell Bridge was built along with Martlesham Bypass etc?  But of course the building of homes and businesses has continued almost with no break at all.

    This morning in a change to the usual routine instead of driving along Colchester/Valley Road before 8.00am I did it just before 9.00am, and it was barely moving in either direction, it was a real eye opener. It's like that now, with what's coming up its simply not going to cope. What ever sort of road we get to the north, bypass, relief, route,  call it what you like, it will relieve this clogged up corridor, why have our elected officials let this get so bad? Why were the original NBP plans ever shelved, how the hell was that ever a good idea? I hope we see some glimmer of hope when the election results start to filter in during the next few hours, because we are currently being served by an outfit who can't even repair a simple road sign in less than 12 months, or fix a bit of  damaged highway barrier ever, so how on earth can they be expected to look after our major infrastructure issues?

  9. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    I think they have dug up the road, one, twice or thrice... painted the lines and maybe resurface within a decade. Any upgrades or modifications? Not in Ipswich!  It is shocking when you compare, but as mentioning Stowmarket shows, the anti-Ipswich stance at the SCC isn't helping Ipswich at all!

    I hope the candidates for Reform Suffolk are getting a good handful of votes, you never know, they might get a shock.
    why have our elected officials let this get so bad?

    No one from Ipswich representing Ipswich - the county town - the main hub of the county. Chris Mole being a Labour man was more interested in making people cycle or use public transport (currently chairman of Ipswich Buses) than caring about infrastructure. Ben Gummer isn't from here and doesn't care. Probably never really experienced bad traffic. I think councillors get lazy because they are poorly paid, with the senior figures holding over too much power for them to make a difference. The Ellesmere, Jones and Rudkin "holy trinity of Ipswich" starving the town. After a bit of research I am surprised how many councillors switch between councils - and some having both positions (borough and county).

    Oh dear, don't remind me about the road sign!! I can't believe the upcoming local elections made them sort it out. Absolutely pathetic. It is probably a factor to how long Queen Street took... ("Can you stop what you are doing and fix the sign down the road please?" *not again*) If anything, it is what really angers me about the whole revamp of top part of Princes Street, Queen Street and Ipswich Rail Station forecourt... big projects (for Ipswich...) but making absolutely no difference when more important parts need doing... Arras Square and even finally pedestrianising Upper Brook Street... been mentioned countless times over the last couple of decades, nothing been done. This would do much more for the town than Queen St!
  10. watchfull


    Anyone got any idea how the vote went it maybe me, but can't seem to get any imfo from anywhere
  11. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    This is down to the votes not being counted yet. For whatever reason they decided not to bother counting it when other county councils were... they have probably only just started...


    Okay, the tweet from Ipswich Council states it began about an hour ago. Not good enough!

    The polls closed at 10pm, we should have known the result by 6am! 8 hours.

    Silly system that Ipswich Borough Council manages the county elections despite being the junior council. Unitary Authority now!
  12. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    So as expected the Conservatives have complete dominance and control of the county.

    Not much chance of a Northern Bypass with this result. Conservatives have 50 seats (2017), from 39 seats (2013) and 55 seats (2009).

    Reform Suffolk candidates did well in getting votes, just over 800 votes which equates into 1 in 20 voters selecting their candidate relevant to the divisions they stood in. A tiny amount compared to some of the large party votes but a lot of hard work campaigning got them 802 votes! That is an awful lot of people. It is a good start for the future...
  13. northernbypass

    northernbypassNew Member

    It is time to begin further publicity in our drive for a Northern Bypass.

    It was our intention to wait until after the General Election to begin but it is only likely to drag on!

    The merchandise will be one of the best ways to get the message out there, however, starting with leafleting will be a good start.

    Some questions:-

    • Should the double-sided leaflet be dedicated to the Northern Bypass?

    • What should the leaflet have on it?

    • Should the reverse side of the leaflet focus on the Upper Orwell Crossing?

    • Do we wait until after the General Election?

  14. watchfull


    Not much chance of a Northern Bypass with this result?  I think the reason for the conservative success in the SCC election this time around was/ is due to the coming June election and was only to be expected we have just got to keep fighting and for others to join in -- one of our biggest problems is reaching other interested people/punters -- when streetlife shut down we lost about 75% of our punters -- and through lack of publicity for this site have never been able to attract anyone to join us -- I understand that Dan is very busy at this moment in time and that he has said that he is going to sort it all out after the elections are all over -- once that is done perhaps we can then carry on the good fight -- in the mean time if he could put up on here a flyer that we could copy -- I would be willing to print out a few each week -- and put them on cars at the supermarket I use each week -- others might even do the same -- if we can make this site more public I might even be able to persuade Matt of the SCC to join in with us again
  15. martinc


    Surely this is the very time to be stirring it all up, this has to be a local issue in the general election. We know Ben Gummer's position on it, it seems positive but, underneath the surface possibly not so, but we have no idea at all about Sandy Martin who is our only other viable candidate. In fact so far I have no idea what he stands for at all. I know there is some time to go, but its been a few weeks now and Gummer is putting out bits of info left right and centre (mostly right and centre of course!!) but Sandy Martin? nuffin.... not a thing so far, he is either still planning a massive campaign launch or he has given up before he's even started.
  16. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Suffolk County Council has Noble as leader and Storey as deputy again - it sticks a spanner in the works for the time being.

    The near impossible part if forcing the issue upon them as Sandy Martin is well-known as a councillor but not his policies which are probably decided centrally. He doesn't even have a website and his launch event was a mini-party for Labour supporters. I get the impression that Sandy is happy to step up for the General Election but really isn't interested in being more than a councillor. Ipswich isn't a marginal seat so it seems Labour Party doesn't care, which is why they are on course to lose, both as a government majority and a coalition.

    We need him to support the concept of a proper Northern Bypass... but the only options so far are through email or twitter, neither is spreading the word enough. Ben has obvious anxiety about not knowing if he can secure the win next month but Sandy/Labour are handing it to him on a plate. There isn't much time left before the postal votes go out... you cannot just rely on voters at polling stations on the day... I get the impression that Labour are skint and spent all their money on the local elections... this said you can setup a wordpress.com site for free.
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