Ipswich Maritime Festival 2017: Autopsy

Discussion in 'Local Politics' started by dan5, Aug 21, 2017.

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    If you don't care very much for maritime-related activities and have never been to a previous Ipswich Maritime Festival event (or perhaps any maritime festivals) the chances are you loved it and along with thousands of other people attending you considered it a successful event.

    Whats not to like?
    However, a significant number of people have started to question it on facebook. People weren't happy with the lack of maritime theme, large number of food stalls, lack of variety and general commercialisation of the event.

    Ipswich Borough Council have deliberately stripped back this years maritime festival (with a break last year you would expect it to have been better than ever!) to a generic free-entry high-footfall event.

    Instead of a primary maritime theme, the misinformation was to get people down there... (various people have reported no Punch & Judy or historical reenactment event which was clearly promoted days before the event) as soon as the people were there, their trust was abused. Not getting a maritime festival on the scale of the two previous in 2014 and 2015, but please part with your cash for this "award-winning" food stall market we have imported especially for this event and the fairground rides. Businesses also exhibited without any maritime link including two car dealers and a local law firm.

    What entertainment there was were good.The food stall traders are part of a market consultancy and have successfully traded at other events. The fireworks display was far better than many expected which impressed most people, so they went away happy. Will they remember the event in 3-4 months time? Of course not. Just like not many people remember last years Ipswich Waterfront Celebration which was actually better than this years Ipswich Maritime Festival!

    So stripping away the layers... the food market was outsourced and imported rather than the council putting one on - despite running the Cornhill market! What else was there? The fireworks and lots of people. Instantly forgettable.

    Why did they reduce the Maritime Festival to biennially? Why was this years Maritime Festival basically last years Ipswich Waterfront Celebration event and nothing like the two previous maritime festivals?

    Could it be down to restricted access with the Upper Orwell Crossing? They are desperately trying to shake off the maritime festival theme, and the borough knows a good firework display shuts many people up. The borough is now considering making it an annual event again... if it is anything like this year, perhaps they shouldn't bother!

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