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Ipswich is a real tourist hotspot

Discussion in 'Tourism' started by dan5, Apr 25, 2017.

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  1. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Ipswich is moving up in the world:-
    So we can expect roughly 3 visitors instead of 2. That should boost the economy! planeman

    Ipswich Star has hailed again... oh my, I hate that phrase... you hail a taxi or dodge the bad weather. Too many news articles using that phrase now.

    National Express coach operator May weekend bookings are up 49%. That is all, more endless PR for National Express.

    Previously, Top 10 Easter (coach) destination.
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  3. martinc


    those Star articles based on the bus stats and complete and utter nonsense,
  4. OP

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    haha, I couldn't agree more. Why is the Ipswich Star even bothering with them?!

    I am sure National Express has got involved with Ipswich Central and its just propaganda... after all, there are elections coming up!

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