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Ipswich Family Trail 2017

Discussion in 'Activities & Social' started by dan5, Aug 9, 2017.

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  1. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Compared to the Explore Ipswich Visitor Guide, the Ipswich Family Trail (although for a completely different audience) is actually really good. Allows children to learn about features on buildings and the like.

    Runs until early September... See an online version of the booklet or get a copy from the Tourist Information Centre.

    Ipswich Family Trail
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  3. martinc


    I'll be honest I rather like the idea of doing the trail. We enjoyed finding all the pigs last year (and ticking them off on our app) and this seems to be a similar idea using existing landmarks. A good excuse to wander around town (stop somewhere for coffee), get a bit of exercise, and spot a few things you wouldn't normally notice...
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    • OP

      dan5ModeratorStaff Member

      I have to admit it really pisses me off. They cannot "smells what sells"... the charity mass public participation event was a huge success. The fundraising element is irrelevant in the context but the borough and Ipswich Central must realise the pulling power this event had.
      • The town was busier - people spent longer in town
      • Families had fun - no need to spend any money for this activity, but resulted in retail sales boost
      • Residents were positive and more people had smiles on their faces (significant for Ipswich), and
      • It genuinely pulled people into the town from the county and the region
      The borough and Ipswich Central really needs to be working on similar (mass public participation event), an annual event. Doesn't have to be a charity event. I guess the Ipswich Family Trail is similar to an extent.

      Shopping or walking through the town is seen as a chore to many. It doesn't have a positive vibe. It doesn't fit the bill of "retail therapy" anymore. You get that factor at other retail centres... The pigs added a little excitement to the trip... whether you were taking photos, ticking them off a list or just looking at a specific one.

      Pigs Gone Wild raised £200k for charity, boosted retail spend by £1 million and attracted a quarter of a million people (250,000) over 10 weeks. 90% of people explored areas of the town they hadn't been before. Source:Pigs Gone Wild gives Ipswich £1million boost.

      Other big attractions in recent years have included Paw Patrol. So it proves it doesn't have to be a big event to pull the numbers in. A one day event is adequate.

      Anyhow... back to the Ipswich Family Trail... I genuinely love what they had done for this. I had intended of creating a cheat sheet (probably not publishing until the last few days to prevent spoiling the fun) but I wasn't fully confident I knew all of the answers (rather not publish incorrect info). :(:oops::D

      If I was to be critical, I think some parents would be unhappy with the offers (ice cream, soft drinks etc.) and I think they missed a trick by not including Ipswich Museum. There is hints of meet Wool-I-Am but even if you kept it to 10 items (instead of increasing to 15 or 20) they could have dropped one of the double-item Ancient House (1&2) to include it and have the one they scrapped as a "Star Spot".

      Ipswich is full of beautiful buildings with messages most people overlook. Ideas like this are great and along with the Heritage Weekend are great ways to enjoy Ipswich.

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