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Ipswich Escape Rooms

Discussion in 'Activities & Social' started by dan5, Aug 9, 2017.

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  1. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Has anyone tried the Ipswich Escape Rooms?

    There was one at Suffolk Food Hall and one at Dencora Business Centre.

    The concept extends from mobile phone game apps: Android Escape Room Apps and Apple iOS Escape Room Apps. The offline version is £26 per person - pretty expensive for an hour - but at the same time something novel which might be worth the cost for the experience if it is any good.

    You have 60 minutes (1 hour) to "escape". I know for Health & Safety reasons (and humanity!) that staff are there to let you out if you exceed close to your maximum one hour 30 minute slot... but I think personally, I would need the impression that I and my fellow companions will eventually die if we cannot get out in the 60 minutes.

    Whether that is the scenario of never being able to get out and starving to death (seriously over thinking this to write an article lol) or some nuclear apocalypse is going to occur inside the room....

    ...even more worrying is, how good is the enabler between correctly guessing the clue and escaping?
    • Is it a digital code on a door which opens when a correct key disables the electromagnet?
    • Do you shout out a clue or use an intercom system and someone manually unlocks a door for you?
    • Do the puzzles change over time... or does completing it once allow you to pretty easy complete it again another time?
    • Could you talk to those who have just completed it to cheat? (I assume the discouragement is it being an expensive task to ace it in 5 minutes for £26... not like you get a world record to your name lol)
    • Is the Escape Room focused around a story and your imagination?
    Difficult when there are no photos or videos of it online... (not even abstract) I am wondering if this is a fun group activity or some opportunist ploy to give up your money for people who want to live an mobile phone app game in real life? I don't want to go and be left disappointed! :D
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  3. martinc


    did one in Newcastle with family, 5 of us, cracked it in about 45 minutes iirc.... it was fun while it lasted but having one of our team who is a genius at problem solving left the rest of us behind a bit. Basically we got shut in a fairly dingy room in an old building with a few odd pictures on the walls, several things around the room with locks of different sorts to find the keys for our to work out the combination locks, using sort of cryptic info from the pictures and things laying around the room. Opening the various things then lead us to open a door into a second room, where there was more of the same, eventually finding a key to let us out... the room was themed, can't recall what it was, and I think given the level of set up it needed the puzzle is going to be the same every time in that room. There was nothing sophisticated about it, you just need a few bits of old furniture and cases you can stick a lock on, be it padlock or combo lock, and then the imagination to set the puzzle all up in the first place. We never saw any other competitors, so no cheating, but there really would be no point. There was a tv in the room, and the guy organising it had the ability to flash up clues on the screen if he thought we were struggling, which is probably how they make sure everyone is out in no more than 60 minutes. He was watching us of course on cctv, keeping tabs on progress. I think we did get sent one clue... Would I do one again? Not sure, my daughter has done several I think, helped by the genius bf... ;o)
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    • OP

      dan5ModeratorStaff Member

      Sounds interesting... perhaps an idea for the old BHS store...

      I suppose they must redo the themes from time to time to attract the same people back.

      haha, I wonder if anyone subtly avoids the hints from the TV screen... "hmm... I think that is a trick, too obvious to be a clue.." :D

      Yeah, it isn't really team work when Mr-Know-it-All works it out before everybody lol

      Escape BHS! Seven teams of 5... not everyone will escape... the last team will have to wait for a new tenant to be let out... that could be years away and there is no food or water... :rolleyes::p:D
    • martinc


      you only need small rooms, so pretty much any upper floor accommodation over a shop etc. in Ipswich would do it. We turned up at a totally anonymous door on a street just off the city centre,, I think we then had to call a mobile to be let in, not sure it even had a sign outside, we went up several flights of stairs into a small reception office area where we were briefed. It really needs little or no special premises, nor any significant investment (a bit of rent and some wages), other than publicity, and importantly the imagination to set up the trail of clues in the room or rooms. A room can be run by one person... I suspect you don't expect or plan for a lot of repeat business. I looked it up, we did the Da Vinci room, easter 2016,
      so not changed, but the other one they have looks like its now something different...
    • OP

      dan5ModeratorStaff Member

      It would be a very interesting experience to setup one of these escape rooms, set someone a challenge...

      I think the anonymous door and flights of stairs would probably add to the whole experience. Probably not the same for a first floor room (or ground) with a named door with all the branding.

      You are right, once you done a specific one you are unlikely to ever go back unless they changed it.

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