Ipswich Day 2018 on 25th..." />Ipswich Day 2018 on 25th..." />Ipswich Day 2018 on 25th...">

Ipswich Day

Discussion in 'Tourism' started by ipswichltd, Jun 29, 2017.

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    Ipswich Ltd will be organising Ipswich Day 2018 on 25th May 2018.

    Following the success of Suffolk Day, it is time the county town celebrated it's Royal Charter from 1200 with its own day. (818 years!)

    This will fall a few weeks before Suffolk Day 2018, which I am sure will continue. More details will be revealed by 6 months advance notice, if not before. The day aims to promote our history and culture, diversity, independent traders, modern life and everything in between.

    I am hopeful that our fellow Suffolkians will support Ipswich Day, and perhaps create their own day to celebrate their own towns. This is an ideal opportunity for all to visit on respective days where possible, and in future years could be a big tourism and day visitor draw.

    ( Not to be confused with Ipswich Music Day. )

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