Ipswich Crime: Another stabbing! Ipswich Waterfront area

Discussion in 'Crime & Safety' started by Ipswi, Feb 21, 2017.

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    Another stabbing just days after the fatal stabbing in Ancaster Road. This time in the Ipswich Waterfront area, on Riverside Industrial Park not far from Wherstead Road. A man in his 40s is reportedly to be at Ipswich Hospital - not life threatening injuries - 2 people have been arrested.

    What is Ipswich coming to? Just weeks from other incidents of violent stabbings all across Ipswich. This is something we should be very concerned about. Are the Suffolk Constabulary Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNT) working?
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    And the irony is this was reported on Radio Suffolk this morning in their 8.00am news as the second story, after the one about a cat having its ears cut off. So has knife crime become so routine in Ipswich now it's less important than a cat?
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    BBC for you. On a normal day it has to be a murder, rape or arson... on a slow news day, anything lefty with activists. A cat having its ears cut off is extremely cruel and wrong but it just goes to show what the country is turning in to... okay for someone to get stabbed because they might be a bit of a twat, as long as that person didn't have their human rights breached by dying; but a harmless defenceless animal that shits in neighbouring gardens...

    Hopefully the guilty suspects in both cases get a significant sentence, but it is the British justice system after all. Too much emphasis on financial crimes compared to crimes against a person. Except if you are a politician! Too much emphasis on offending the queen's justice.

    Two examples... Druggie Thief who stolen Jack Daniels whiskey from Ipswich Sainsbury’s is jailed for 6 months. Suspended sentence for previous shoplifting offences. Probably a waste of space... costing supermarkets a little bit of margin. Probably of no harm to other people if they keep themselves to themselves. Not defending this person but this minor financial crime (crime nevertheless) has resulted in a 6 month jail term. A drug-driver has been spared jail after being caught jumping a red light in Cemetery Road, Ipswich while over the legal limit - his fourth drink or drug-driving-related offence in eight years. Obviously will end up killing someone likely not to stop at the scene of a crash sentence was £470 (£300 of that in fines, rest for costs and victim fund) and 240 hours community service!

    The worst part of the second example, is the judge is on record as saying the person was "intelligent" and "don't have a drug habit or addiction"... he was "impressed by [his] work history". The judge then says this chilling remark... "Other people on the road or pedestrians could be injured or killed". Surely by the rule of law, not only has he had previous offences but is guilty... after all not an addict, despite previous offences choosing to drive under the influence but jumping red lights etc.  Worse of all, he works at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

    Two druggies, the first is unemployed (?) and addicted, the second has a job and no addiction.  It is relevant to say the first had a suspended jail term but also that the second required a custodial sentence, the judge even said it himself.