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    After failing to get funding for what was effectively an University of Suffolk Art School campus... the charity (Company number 09404441) has been dissolved.

    The objects of the Charity (the "Objects") are to:

    • promote the arts, culture, heritage and science for the benefit of the public (and in particular, but not limited to, the people of Ipswich and the surrounding areas);

    • advance the education and appreciation of the public in the arts, culture, heritage and science for the benefit of the public (and in particular, but not limited to, the people of Ipswich and the surrounding areas); and

    • advance citizenship and community development for the benefit of the public (and in particular, but not limited to, the people of Ipswich and the surrounding areas).

    This is very disappointing to learn.

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    Ipswich Museum: I‐AM Project. The Heritage Futures team continues to support the
    Colchester and Ipswich Museums Service (CIMS) to prepare their resubmission to the
    HLF as part of their £23 million redevelopment project. One of the themes is the
    development of a ‘training museum’. This will be underpinned by the receipt of
    £666,244 from the Arts Council Resilience Fund over the next three years to give
    ‘additional workforce capacity, underpin our partnership with UCS and aspiration to
    become a Training Museum and give clarity to our future planning processes’. HLF
    has identified UCS as a key partner for the success of the project. Professor Ian
    Baxter has been appointed UCS representative and Trustee for the Ipswich Arts and
    Museums Trust (IBC). The Trust will oversee fundraising activities for the Ipswich
    Museum redevelopment.

    A further HLF bid for the High Street development should have been submitted by the time of the AGM and FoIM has been asked to write a letter of support for the project as part of the bid. As part of the campaign, IBC have set up a board known as the Ipswich Arts and Museum Trust. The trustees are mostly connected with the performing arts, with a representative from UCS. FoIM was not invited to be part of the Trust so I am not able to comment on the actual role and duration of the board. However, I have asked IBC to talk about the plans and Gordon Mole has kindly come along this evening to speak after the AGM.

    The Museum service has undergone a further restructure and Jayne Austin was made Ipswich Manager in January 2015, with Bill Seaman as overall manager of both sites. I welcome this, as it should mean that decisions are mainly made back here in Ipswich with some shared curatorial and admin posts across the service. Sadly, it has meant that there have been redundancies and, as ever, funding for Museums continues to be a problem. FoIM will offer backing wherever possible and our support can often trigger funding from other sources.

    The Ipswich Arts & Museum (I-AM) team is now reviewing the scope and timeline of the multi-million High Street refurbishment project.

    The decision comes after being informed by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) that it will not receive grant funding this year. Leaders believe the project remains essential both culturally and economically to Ipswich and Suffolk and will now look at funding options, time scales and assessing I-AM’s continuing viability.

    I-AM, which will bring together heritage, performance arts and visual arts together in High Street, will cost £23 million and more than a quarter of that has been pledged by Ipswich Borough Council. It aims to create a first-class visitor attraction, improve Ipswich’s heritage and cultural offer, boost the local economy and create jobs in the heritage sector.

    While the HLF has turned down the £4.8 million application, other bids and discussions with funders remain ongoing - with decisions from Arts Council England and New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership expected in the spring.

    The I-AM team has welcomed the successful bid by one of its partners, Sutton Hoo. All the partners are working towards improving the heritage offer in the area and improving our ability to tell stories such as the amazing Anglo-Saxon story of this part of Suffolk.

    Councillor Carole Jones, Museums portfolio-holder, said: “This is disappointing but we will now sit down and review our position because we believe the project is incredibly important both in economic and cultural terms for Ipswich and Suffolk. We are down but definitely not out! However, the HLF has invested in Ipswich, with grants to Christchurch and Holywells parks and, just recently, a development grant to revive Broomhill pool, a project also supported financially by the Borough Council."

    I-AM will attract thousands of visitors from all over the country and boost the local economy by bringing the town’s history and exciting visual and performing arts projects under one roof. Existing buildings will be connected for the first time and new display and performance spaces will be created. A café and shop are also proposed, which will make I-AM the perfect place to spend a day or while away an hour or two. If the funding for the project can be secured, then the project will be complete in 2019.

    Ipswich Borough Council wants to know what local people and visitors think of the plans – to find out more and tell us what you think come along to the exhibition or visit https://www.facebook.com/iamipswich

    This report seeks Executive approval to submit a bid to Arts Council England for capital grant funding in respect of the Ipswich Arts and Museum (I-AM) Project. It also seeks a commitment to match funding of the ACE grant.

    A bid will be submitted to ACE for consideration in August 2015. The grants process is set by ACE with an annual submission date.

    Wool-I-Am is the icon of the £23 million I-Am (Ipswich Arts & museum) project which will transform the museum in High Street into a national visitor attraction, bringing together arts and heritage under one roof. The mammoth was
    named after a campaign was started by Sara Cox on the Radio 2 breakfast show.

    5.  Ipswich Arts and Museum (IAM) project
    5.1 The bid to the HLF as a contribution to the regeneration of Ipswich Museum was
    unsuccessful. Ipswich Borough Council are considering the way forward in relation to this
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    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    Will the university be more lucky with The Hold than the High Street Campus attempt?

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