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Discussion in 'Town Centre' started by dan5, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    Went in town today and saw an never-ending array of A-Boards across the town centre. Not just Tacket Street! Tacket Street can be provided (just ask).

    Is this an festive decoration? No mention of this from Ipswich Society on their Facebook page who appears to have not noticed this problem (despite mentioning this previously a couple of times when it wasn't as bad) - but did notice the changes at Crown House and an change of owner for Mambos Bar & Grill - I suppose this is a Christmas exception. I don't think the festive decorations in the town can win against these A-Boards...

    So where do I begin? Dial Lane!

    berridges-dial-lane-Aboard-obstruction.png Berridges... A-board in the middle of the narrow street. A very busy thoroughfare. The only reason they have done this is to avoid obstructing their window display. It is bad enough when you need to negotiate around people stopping in front of you or slower walkers, don't need any obstructions in the way!

    Other direction facing south. The bloody church has THREE A-Boards promoting their cafe. Unacceptable!
    With the two posts they could have two A-Boards (more than one is always frown upon, by myself at least!) without remotely being a problem.

    Next... Slightly different angle. Not obstruction but looks really untidy (in my opinion at least!)dial-lane-ipswich-Aboards-clutter-2.png

    Awful. Bloody awful! One is in the road, one is a shop quite a distance away (Jessops of all places, well visible further up) and another partially obstructs St Stephens Lane. (Also notice the charity christmas cards laminated poster... the council turns a blind eye to this as they are giving them an income... yes it is for charity too, looks tacky. of course, the big issue seller is here too)#
    A-Boards all along Buttermarket.... one in the road. Inset is an A-board (scaffolding is up but it is always there) for a salon in front of a cycle rack, poor.
    Try to ignore the illegal parking of the Royal Mail van in the background, entirely incidental.... An large A-Board well into the street on the left, and to the right 4-Aboards. Behind was an recruitment agency having two A-boards sideways (not pictured).

    Queen Street
    This is appalling. Yes, the kerbs were replaced to an equal level with the road in anticipation for the market. This street is still public highway and today at least was a functional road. To the right we have an A-board promoting a brand - no other message just a logo. This is obstructing a narrow passing of pavement. I waited here 5 minutes to get this photo. So many people heading towards town, you would have to walk on the road to get past.

    Opposite side of the road, the same thing, including one A-Board on the road! (Also a vehicle about to hit a few pedestrians. Going in the wrong direction? One way out of town I thought. Lucky enough the pedestrians were fine.

    Westgate Street
    Greggs with its A-board on the road.

    More A-Boards. Most of the town was like this with them on the drains, in between the road and the pavement. Carr Street had many but I didn't take a photo when walking past, far too many people.
    Lots more clutter facing east towards town.

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  3. OP

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    Arras Square/St Stephens Lane

    random-Aboard-business-not-in-vicinity.png So where is this place? Not in the Tourist Information Centre, BHS unit or Buttermarket Centre.

    Falcon Street
    Hilarious! I saw these A-Boards first before I notice the problems in town. I came back for a photo (sorry for the poor quality it rained (the light/fine rain which gets you very wet)... a taxi from Cab Smart (misnomer, obviously) parked onto the pavement with hazards on, literally as I was about to take the photo.

    After I took a photo the mandatory police car went past. No action. I assume it happens all the time. Well my initial annoyance was the two Chinese Restaurant ("Lanterns") A-boards requiring people to negotiate them. Collectively they fully obstruct the pavement... this is some form of pedestrian traffic calming. Quite relevant here as most people walk on that side of the road to avoid problems with the Buttermarket car park entrance. Unacceptable. As for the taxi, the driver obviously didn't give a shit. He would have seen me taking a photo (had to delete my initial attempts which came out badly, rain on phone). Engine off. (Is it their car park around the side?)

    Parks aren't immune
    Even the council is at it! haha, as I was at the park anyway, I thought I would take this photo. It looks pretty lacklustre - isn't a big deal. Not part of the above but thought I would include it in here lightheartedly.
  4. OP

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    Apologies, Cabs Smart is an minicab service (Private Hire) not a Taxi.

    In the above photo a Red Toyota Prius 55-plate GV55 CYP. Private Hire licence number not clear in the photo. It really annoys me drivers who think double yellows do not apply if you stick your hazards on! :D
  5. martinc

    martincFounder Member

    I bet if you attempt to report the A board menace formerly to IBC they'll respond and say it's down to SCC Highways to enforce, and I bet if you report it to SCC they'll say its down to IBC. That's pretty much what happens everytime I go to the trouble of reporting something untoward in the town.
  6. OP

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    They did respond saying it was down to SCC. I knew this, they are the Highways Authority, so any obstructions would be down to them. However, the untidiness of them falls with IBC I believe (planning authority - A-boards are implied consent but still fall under planning legislation). I did respond back asking why they couldn't just report it to SCC.

    I doubt I was being pedantic... I didn't take photos everywhere and clearly most were a nuisance, some highly illegal. Not like I was complaining about some shop had their A-board over by a couple of centimetres!

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