Ipswich 2025: Enterprise Island Revealed

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    What would a developed Enterprise Island look like? We have the answer thanks to The Ipswich Proposal.

    The above image model showing how the Ipswich Waterfront will look with the developed island site ("Enterprise Island") with Wet Dock Crossing/Upper Orwell Crossing shown. Most of the island site buildings shown are residential dwellings approx 3 storeys high. Some a little higher.

    Above is University of Suffolk's future Innovation Hub - expansion of their Ipswich Waterfront campus. It is also known as the Tech Incubator - helping start-up businesses get off the ground.

    Below is University of Suffolk's actual Innovation Hub on its Ipswich campus - called the Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre (or IWIC for short) this building is built and operational. There is no funding, plans or talks for the above style addition which is up to a mile away to access from the main Ipswich campus.
    The residential plans since the 90s are on hold - the area is a well known flood zone and no developer is interested in the plot despite the highly promoted and hyped Ipswich Waterfront area. With the struggle of the Princes Street office corridor - one office block on hold and another Grade A block vacant with the tallest office block mostly vacant despite cheap rents - there isn't the demand to be able to justify the multiple million pound Innovation Hub in addition to the Ipswich Waterfront Innovation Centre. Vice chancellor Richard Lister is focusing on expanding the university's learning network utiliising other colleges to boost student numbers. There isn't the capital for a £30m+ new building project.

    It would have been nice... with brexit around the corner we can safely say that both the university expansion on to the island site and the long-anticipated residential home building programme at the Ipswich Waterfront island site is just never going to happen. Too unrealistic. The Suffolk Register Office (The Hold) might also be going the same way.

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