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IPSWI Changes

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ipswi, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Ipswi


    IPSWI is about to undergo a major change. A new platform. A new focus.

    What would you like to see?

    A forum will remain available with current posts imported. The new platform will be much better than the current temporary one. The objective is to make a website for Ipswich & Suffolk. A community forum will be at the heart but will introduce other features of benefit.

    Following this, the website will be marketed unlike the current alpha website.


    Welcome to the new IPSWI beta!
  2. Ipswich

    IpswichAdministratorStaff Member

    Unfortunately there is a few problems... one with replying (important feature) and attachments (another important feature).

    The temporary work-around is being redirected to this post which should signify that your comment has been successfully posted. (The earlier fix had a bug in itself so was necessary to redirect you here!)
  3. watchfull


    Sorry only just spotted this -- if you have not already done so -- then please go ahead -- only moan that I have got is -- lack of publicity so far -- this site has to come better known -- the more opinions we get for or against it will not matter that is what makes the world go round
  4. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Word will definitely get out there. On top of the hosting costs what we had with the old IPSWI site which used free software I have now got licensing fees for this new platform (which so far doesn't seem all too better) and an EV security certificate. The teething problems is a PITA.

    I think the promotion for IPSWI will come at the same time as Northern Bypass leaflets etc. go out. Ideally I want to include the IPSWI logo on the leaflet to encourage people to join in the conversation. I might try web adverts too - if I can target it to somewhere like Ipswich Star would be positive. So many people support a Northern Bypass but only get vocal about it with a closed bridge - we need to change that.

    I have a few other projects I am considering rolling with too... but I am prioritising on NBP and IPSWI. If the others are not ready then they can wait. Hopefully get a discount from the printers! I will also push forward with the democratic group if I find time.
  5. Ipswich

    IpswichAdministratorStaff Member

    UPDATE: We have had a few people try to join us but the emails are being rejected by their ISP. This is something I am looking into very urgently to address. This is the sole reason we haven't gone live with promoting the site yet. This is a enhanced anti-spam feature - emails getting rejected rather than in spam/junk mail folders.

    We are seeing an average of 15 or so simultaneous unique users (which excludes bots and logged in users) so the site is surely growing. IPSWI will be rolled out across all applicable sites - so you may notice new forum boards on certain topics. The idea is each of those specific interest sites will have their own forum - which will feed into IPSWI (generate new members and produce centralised dynamic content for those sites).

    Still waiting for the EV security certificate process. When this has happened (if...) IPSWI will be out of Beta.
  6. Ipswich

    IpswichAdministratorStaff Member

    Breakthrough with the forum list pages...

    finally managed to get a snippet of the topic and snippet of the latest reply (if any). Will improve the appearance over time :)

IPSWI beta