How to save the Cornhill in Ipswich?

Discussion in 'Cornhill' started by dan5, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    Ipswich is a town full of many residents who either focus on straight ahead or have their heads down towards the floor. This means we don't appreciate the town's gems enough and quite a few of us would learn new things about the town from an heritage walk despite walking past a building over a thousand times over the years.
    The above photo posted by Ipswich Borough Council on their twitter account shows people looking across at a lorry behind a cordon constructed from traffic cones and white and red tape. Yes, it is the town's Christmas Tree. Amazing, it has just arrived laid down on the back of a lorry and yet to be installed... but the people are interested. It is something new to see.

    This is only a small sample from a photographic still (photo) at that one moment in time. If we undertook a survey of the same time the previous week, no one would be looking over there despite the wonderful buildings. Of course our eyes would stitch together a basic view as we walked past... but not stopped for detail.

    Part of this is psychological. Very few people would have left the road part into the square and the vast majority of those who would, would have done so by cutting the corner in a logarithmic way to get to Princes Street. So what is the big deal that the area has been cordoned off? When people aren't allowed into the square they take more interest. At this time it was just a lorry.

    So what if the Cornhill Square wasn't occupied by a tatty market or empty, and there were actual entertainment on offer? People would spend more time in the town and enjoy it. Think less cones and tape and more rope and pole barriers for a smaller area.

    The idea of entertainment has been brought up various time by myself and many others. This could be unsigned musicians, singers, dance troupes, poets, comedians, magicians or other performers. It would constantly change so you wouldn't be seeing the same act week in and week out. It could even be used to raise money for charity. The council won't allow it and demotes people to Giles Circus... or further afield. It isn't karaoke and would be a controlled environment, for example... anyone who couldn't sing or play an instrument wouldn't be selected... and anyone who breaks rules such as swearing would have their mic immediately turned off and removed from the event.

    Instead, in a couple of months the area is being transformed into an embarrassment!

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  3. martinc

    martincFounder Member

    you need to look down for the most part to prevent tripping in the pot holes, if not doing that you need to look dead ahead to avoid the gaze and pleas from the beggars.
  4. OP

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    True, I tripped outside "Woolworths" alleyway the other day...
    These are far from the worst there are. Assumed the lack of traffic would mean this would be unlikely. I am sure it has been like that for years.
  5. martinc

    martincFounder Member

    you will most likely then have encountered a beggar as well down there a bit further, just on the lift sitting against the wall.
  6. OP

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    Yeah, don't really feel that comfortable walking through there.

    I have to say I rarely see the Street Rangers these days... have their working hours been reduced?

    For example, when I took the photos of the A-Boards, I literally walked the vast majority of the town (cannot be in the same place twice obviously)... Carr Street, Westgate Street, Tavern Street, Buttermarket, Upper Brook Street, Falcon Street, Tacket Street, Dial Lane, Arras Square, Cornhill, Queen Street, Northgate Street, Old Foundry Road, Soane Street, Tower Street, Fore Street, Waterfront... oh and Turret Lane/OCM bus station. I saw one street ranger over a couple of hours period walking all central streets.

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