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Discussion in 'Local Politics' started by dan5, Aug 4, 2017.

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    The earliest reference online we could find for an High Street Campus was back in 1990 in a July edition of the Ipswich Society newsletter (issue 100). Friends of the Ipswich Museums group made the suggestion of a larger museum.

    Fast forward to modern day...

    It seems they dwelled on the idea for about two decades. One day someone considered to pursue this through the Heritage Lottery Fund. Likely a result from Ipswich Borough Council offloading museum responsibilities to Colchester Borough Council through the Colchester and Ipswich Museums Service. The initial bid was declined.

    For attempt #2 they formed the Ipswich Arts & Museums Trust (I-AM) as the fundraising organisation - charity objects:-

    When the funding attempt failed, it was dissolved. So much for promoting arts, culture, heritage and science to the public... if they couldn't get the funding for a new small uni campus north of the town centre, it was game over. Apparently the project is still ongoing for redeveloping the museum - not sure if this is political speak (which results in nothing done in a few years time) or whether the borough council will fork out directly for it.

    Probably not a good idea to have Prof Ian Baxter on board (solely for his UCS link) and publish the following information openly before you submit the bid... sorts of proves the whole public benefit and tourism element is a sham to get funding for a new university campus.

    Other snippets...

    As much as I want the University of Suffolk to succeed - the Museum is for the benefit of ordinary people (non-students) to learn about the past (in particular of local and regional history) which includes tourists. Hijacking such opportunities to create a campus for the university (which would still permit the public) where the primary beneficiaries would be enrolled students over local residents and tourists is pretty poor. A high ratio of students would discourage visits from the public until it became almost exclusively for the uni.

    Applying for lottery funding in such a manner with an hidden agenda is very underhand. I am very disappointed that the I-AM Trust was dissolved. It was very promising and could have later took back the Ipswich Museums from Colchester and Ipswich Museums Service. The fact of the dissolution hasn't been advertised and is a closely guarded secret surrounding the future of such project.
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