German Doner Kebab Coming To Ipswich

Discussion in 'Central Ipswich' started by dan5, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    I can reveal that German Doner Kebab have applied for planning permission to open a restaurant opposite Love Thy Burger in Westgate Street. This is A3 usage so isn't intended to primarily be a fast food takeaway.

    This was formerly the Granite Outdoors shop. I suppose it offers variety to Turkish doner kebabs whatever the difference is!

    German Doner Kebab - UK Stores 17/00529/P3CPA

    No one wants to open a shop in Ipswich but businesses cannot get enough of opening restaurants and food outlets! The big question is whether Ipswich can sustain all these food outlets... Smokey Joes lasted not much longer than a year (and apparently changed owners too), Bears Boutique Bowling similar fate (was aimed around student clientele too) and The Brewery Tap run by a chef... gone.

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  2. watchfull

    watchfullFounder Member

    Weitere Restaurants in Ipswich muse verboten sein
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    • OP

      dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

      When will the next recession be? Half these restaurants will disappear.

      What really annoys me is the "budget" and "super budget" hotels springing up.

      How the chains work is requiring a 25-30% occupancy to survive. I would be surprised if Marstons Inn in Yarmouth Road achieves better than this. In fact, the more competition around should be good for consumers.... the prices should be cheaper through competition, except they hold onto their standard rate card (having a few offers for time to time to fill even quieter days) and most of the hotels remain mostly empty throughout the year. Almost cartel territory... they don't compete directly with their competitors.

      So with the new proposed travelodge near the station which will charge a location premium no doubt (at least on the night walk-in rate) the scenario of over supply doesn't matter. Who cares about homeless on the street when serviced rooms are remaining empty for such a pathetic business model?! I would like to see a tax on chain hotels who work on such business models... as the benefit with low occupancy rates during the week is less employment required. With self-check in many hotels can run without 24/7 staff and much of the time might only be one staff member working.

      I mention this because similar is happening with restaurants. Everyone trying to compete in a saturated market is pushing prices up. This includes cost cutting by looking for cheaper wholesalers and suppliers. Restaurants have to ensure they can meet their minimum quota at full rate. They typically slap on student or OAP discounts or vouchers to increase volume hoping to make money through drinks. The effect is poor employment standards (including zero hour contracts in some cases) staff on minimum wage or jobcentre schemes. Not too bad in America as they have a tipping culture. All wealth from these businesses are funnelled out from the local economy, with very little retained. Independents are the biggest losers, working hard to keep money in locally... while chains have shareholders meeting the cost of fitting the restaurant and so forth, ... and as I unintentionally illustrated above with the 3 examples, it is the independents which go first.

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