Filthy, dirty, scruffy Ipswich.

Discussion in 'Local Politics' started by martinc, Jun 21, 2017.

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    I've been away for a bit. And while away visited a few other UK towns and cities. They all leave you with some impression, you pick up on certain features which stand out, for me walking the streets is usually the general state of the place and I can report that as a couple of examples Edinburgh is packed with tourists and Newcastle has a fair bit of graffiti but that both are pretty clean and tidy.

    So I get back home to Ipswich and on Monday lunch time take a walk around the town centre, probably the first time I've done it for about 3 weeks or more. And do you know what struck me about our town? There is litter everywhere, there is seagull shite everywhere, there are weeds everywhere, every path is filthy dirty with stains from people spillages looking like its never ever cleaned up, there are broken pavings patched up everywhere, flaking paint, decay and damage everywhere...

    I;m not saying other towns and city don't have some of this, but having not been here for a while it just stood out, you are walking through a sea of mess, filth and rubbish where ever you go here, its not like that elsewhere.

    This town is a bloody disgrace...

    I hope visitors don't see it like this, but a fear they may well do.
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      I am not surprised you discovered this. Ipswich town pride or civic pride has been gone since the last failed Unitary Authority bid. The introduction of The Ipswich Central BID has had a negative impact on the town centre (or the BID area precisely) with the borough council washing their hands of the responsibility for the key part of their borough. The people have felt the brunt of this but it is local authority (and their contractors) the ones who don't give a damn.

      Part of this (last 5 years or so) is deliberate to obtain funding for the Cornhill redevelopment. Even before then, the town centre has been an afterthought. Ipswich is effectively a "doughnut" (as the public sector buzz word is)... housing in much numbers are outside the town centre, employment areas are zoned across the borough and shops and offices are in the town centre.

      Considering by tradition we must shop in our high street, go to our town centre market and of course the centrally located jobs, how dare they allow the town centre to get into such a state? This is where we have bought our goods by default in the 20th century - choosing to travel out of town for bulky goods - and occasionally further afield for a "day out" treat. The deal with towns like Ipswich where housing estates were built onto the edges of the existing town is we have local shops (local and district centres) and then go into town for everything else. We can drive to other regional centres for shopping and leisure, but why should we? We could even take the train, why should we?

      We are now sold the concept of moving housing back into the town centre (including flats at the waterfront, if we have to include that in the town centre definition and for housing) as our saving grace to rescuing our retail heart, despite of some contrast the vast majority of housing will be built to continue supporting the "doughnut" including the Northern Fringe. The town centre housing is only going to make congestion worse. Travel Ipswich has destroyed what we had left and the Upper Orwell Crossing isn't going to reverse any of this negative impact.

      I went away a couple of months ago to Edinburgh via York, Middlesbrough etc. and I felt the same way on my return. Visiting other towns and cities should give inspiration of what we could do to make ours better whilst being critic of aspects we don't think work in other towns. Middlesbrough a very modern town seems to have done well for itself. Much more To Let boards than Ipswich but doesn't look like the council has abandoned the place and given up. This is the problem. People used to dislike the bad elements of Ipswich but go away to other towns and come back realising the town isn't too bad after all; but this doesn't really happen so much anymore. Of course, throw a few million pounds at the central square will fix it all... and a £100m vanity bridge no where near the town centre... some people are sold on this "investment". Ipswich needs severe action to turn around its fortunes. I am hoping to be able to influence a few parties into achieving this.
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      spent the Cornhill money on pressure washers and the labour to operate them and clean the place up, and when it gets a bit dirty clean it again! It actually looks insanitary in some places around the town, truly disgusting..
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      • dan5

        dan5ModeratorStaff Member

        I walked through the town this morning, nothing much changed. Same old filthy, scruffy and dirty Ipswich!
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        How can you have posted above Monday 1:49pm, its Monday now and only 8.48am. Oh sorry, I see now, last Monday!..
        And yes, nothing is changing. We are also back to weed filled road gutters as well now in many streets around the town. All adds to the scruffy unloved appearance..
      • dan5

        dan5ModeratorStaff Member

        It is simple upkeep... I won't bring comparisons to cities in other countries or even towns in other counties, if it can be done for other towns in our county, why not Ipswich?

        Even if the Cornhill Redevelopment was perfect... it isn't making those weed filled road gutters and the like disappear!
      • dan5

        dan5ModeratorStaff Member

        Last year only 16 Fixed Penalty Notices were issued...1 per month, plus an additional 1 for each quarter

        Council clean up operations are important not just issuing fines. The problem is we now have #itsmystreet which (although it shows civic pride of improving your own neighbourhood - or more to the point used for little publicity stunts for the council officials and businesses) encourages relaxed attitude by the council.

        Cleaning up litter (in particular not being a little bug) is a little step everyone can take to reduce the problem, however, with a growing student population this is a problem the council needs to still undertake regular cleaning and litter-picking duties. If students (for example, not meaning to pick on particular group but will use it as an example) are to drop litter around their uni campus then they will have to live with that litter blowing around... except as a "tourist destination" and lets be honest a modern housing estate... the Ipswich Waterfront doesn't look good when it looks a mess. The same applies for the town centre of course which is more vital IMO.

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