Enterprise Island: no clear plan

Discussion in 'Upper Orwell Crossings' started by dan5, Sep 12, 2017.

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    David Ellesmere has said there is no "clear plan" to develop Enterprise Island but the council has received a presentation in the early stages relating to "Enterprise Island" with the concept being developed by land owner ABP.

    It appears as though the goal is housing and they are waiting on the flood defences before they can proceed.

    Despite the presentation, David Ellesmere wasn't forthcoming with details of what was contained within such presentation although leans strongly towards residential use (i.e. most other uses aren't critical if being in a flood risk zone). No developer will touch the site being in a flood zone, hence no one has acquired the land to build housing in the "place to be". Once this problem has been overcome, there will be finance opportunities both public and private sources... including opportunity for individuals to get a mortgage and home insurance. At current none of this is possible through third parties.

    Whatever happens, it is no St Mary's Island in Chatham... and a small housing development on this site with landscaping and cycle lanes is a little silly. What will they call it "waterfront island", "neptune island" or "island estate"?

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