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Enterprise Island (ipswich Waterfront)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by dan5, Aug 1, 2017.

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    This topic will serve as the main point for discussion on "Enterprise Island" (Ipswich Waterfront island site). It is likely to serve more of an information update topic. When we have information on the concept, we will post it here. if you know something about Enterprise Island, Ipswich Waterfront, feel free to share.

    What we know so far

    Enterprise Island was an politically motivated scheme by the then Tory MP for Ipswich Ben Gummer to develop what was zoned for residential development by bolting on an Enterprise Zone and two connecting bridges promising a boost to the nearby university and creating a technology incubator hub in order to build up a case for the Upper Orwell Crossings.

    We believe this will be on the back burner with the demise of the Conservative MP for Ipswich and 2017 Conservative Manifesto writer Ben Gummer, losing his seat in this year's snap General Election. It hasn't officially been scrapped yet and as long as the Upper Orwell Crossing project continues it won't be!
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    Vice-chancellor (Uni CEO) Richard Lister has twice in recent weeks plugged the Upper Orwell Crossings... but has not once since extended this to mention the "Enterprise Island" island site at the Ipswich Waterfront... or any technical hub or incubator planned for that site.

    As head official for a partner of Ipswich Vision, he is clearly swearing allegiance (probably on request) to the Ipswich Vision group.

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