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Empire Cinema Ipswich Buttermarket Centre anti-climax

Discussion in 'Activities & Social' started by dan5, Apr 5, 2017.

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  1. dan5

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    I went into the Buttermarket Centre this afternoon... up the escalator... and what an anti-climax for Empire Cinema!

    Big bold branding externally.

    Inside, after going up the escalator - the Buttermarket Centre - albeit Cosy Club and gym behind you... white empty shells for cafes and restaurants; somewhat fair enough, but I was surprised at Empire. Two Empire advertising flags... and that is about it.

    You need to venture left and through a void space (perhaps just for queuing?) so uninviting. Why not a full size graphic on the wall with a welcome message signposting people left?  Far too much white and emptiness. Most people seemed to go up escalator , walk forward and turn back around and go down.
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  3. martinc


    I agree, very low key, even the outside advertising is not that prominent, you can approach from the bus station side and not know its there at all.  And didn't realise there were all those empty units on the top floor, looks awful. And things are not finished, work going on inside the cinema foyer floor tiling and bits missing from the walls near the entrance.

    It seemed to open last week with very little (no) razmataz, so I sort of assumed it was a soft launch, to get it all bedded in, and at some point they will do a massive celebrity opening or something at a later date..

  4. OP

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Indeed, compare that to the Krispy Kreme kiosk... yes a small kiosk... so much effort made and they still put out press releases on first month progress etc.

    You could be right, perhaps there will be a big launch mid-April?
  5. OP

    dan5ModeratorStaff Member

    Received an A4 flyer in the post.



    On the reverse were offers...

    WEEK 1: free regular 46oz popcorn (not prepackaged) with any same-day full priced ticket.
    WEEK 2: free regular diet pepsi/pepsi/pepsi max/7up/tango dispensed soft drink 22oz with any same-day full priced ticket.
    WEEK 3: free bag of confectionery (chocolate/peanut m&ms etc) excluding pick'n'mix with any same-day full priced ticket.
    WEEK 4: 2 for 1 cinema ticket with full-price ticket for same film, excludes upgrades, discounts and free ticket equal of less value of the purchased ticket. (up to £7~£9.50 saving)
    WEEK 5: free 3D glasses (£1 saving) with any same-day full priced ticket for 3D film.
    WEEK 6: free 1 scoop cup/cone of Ben & Jerrys ice cream with any same-day full priced ticket.


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