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    Empire Cinema is getting ready to launch. I have been on their website to relay some information. This isn't a sponsored post.
    Located in the Buttermarket Shopping Centre, our new 14 Screen Cinema opening on 31st March, will feature luxury seating as standard in all screens, along with giving cinemagoers the option to 'upgrade' and watch all the action on the biggest screens from the comfort of their very own luxury recliner or share one of the double Sofas The cinema will also feature two IMPACT® screens, boasting bigger screens and Dolby ATMOS sound alongside stadium seating and extra legroom, creating the ultimate viewing experience alongside two D-Box suites.

    Located within the new Buttermarket Centre along with a mix of High Street Retailers and Restaurants, including Wagamama, Byron Burger, Cosy Club, Coast To Coast & Prezzo.


    Accessibility and Disabled Persons

    Disabled Facilities
    Full wheelchair access is on offer in each screen (other than D-Box) and all auditoria are fitted with an Infra Red transmitter for Audio Description for the visually impaired & audio support headsets will be available in cinema for those who require hearing support.

    What does Audio Described mean?
    An audio described performance is a standard screening ideal for visually impaired people. It works by playing a recorded narration, explaining what's happening on screen - during gaps in the dialogue - through personal headphones. The normal film soundtrack comes through the cinemas surround sound speakers in the usual way, so Audio description is undetectable to anyone else in the auditorium not using a headset. Headsets are available on request from the Cinema box office. Titles available with this facility will be highlighted on our Web Site.

    CEA Card:
    As part of a general cinema industry initiative, all our cinemas accept the CEA Card which entitles the holder to one free ticket for their carer

    Car Parking

    Buttermarket Car Park

    Parking is available within the Buttermarket Centre, with over 420 space short stay Car Park integrated with the main shopping complex via the Central Rotunda.

    With both lift and stair access, access to the centre & Cinema could not be simpler or safer – whatever the weather.

    On a safety note the park has won the coveted government backed secure parks award every year since it started in 1994. Well lit and benefiting from both security cameras and foot patrols the park offers you real peace of mind for both your vehicle and your personal safety.

    Finding the Car Park is also simple with signposts on just about every main approach to the town just follow the "Buttermarket" or "Shopmobility" signs and drive in, a height limit of 6' 8" will allow pretty well all passenger vehicles easy parking. If you are using Satellite Navigation equipment enter the Postcode IP1 1SL.

    Car Park Tariff



    Auditorium Information

    See all the biggest and best blockbuster movies the way they should be seen!

    See the biggest movies on our biggest screens! IMPACT® is the ultimate way to experience blockbuster movies, SPECTACULAR screens, SENSATIONAL DOLBY ATMOS sound, SUPERB stadium seating and extra leg room!
    Up weight charges apply. Additional charges apply for 3D performances and when using 241 offers / vouchers for films in IMPACT®.

    Screen 1 / IMPACT® LUXE:  Seats 293
    214 Luxury Seats
    28 Double Sofas
    23 Leather Recliners
    Wheelchair Spaces x 3

    Screen 2 / IMPACT® BLUE:  Seats 145
    105 Luxury Seats
    14 Double Sofas
    12 Leather Recliners
    Wheelchair Spaces x 2

    Screen 3: 46 Seats
    26 Luxury Seats
    5 Double Sofas
    10 Leather Recliners
    Wheelchair Spaces x 2

    Screen 4: 44 Seats
    26 Luxury Seats
    5 Double Sofas
    8 Leather Recliners
    Wheelchair Spaces x 2

    Screen 5: 50 Seats
    33 Luxury Seats
    4 Double Sofas
    9 Leather Recliners
    Wheelchair Spaces x 2

    Screen 6: 70 Seats
    105 Luxury Seats
    5 Double Sofas
    6 Leather Recliners
    Wheelchair Spaces x 2

    Screen 7: 58 Seats
    42 Luxury Seats
    4 Double Sofas
    8 Leather Recliners
    Wheelchair Spaces x 2

    Screen 8: 52 Seats
    52 Luxury Seats
    7 Double Sofas
    12 Leather Recliners
    Wheelchair Spaces x 2

    Screen 9: 69 Seats
    51 Luxury Seats
    5 Double Sofas
    8 Leather Recliners
    Wheelchair Spaces x 2

    Screen 10: 80 Seats
    52 Luxury Seats
    7 Double Sofas
    14 Leather Recliners
    Wheelchair Spaces x 2

    Screen 11: 54 Seats
    38 Luxury Seats
    5 Double Sofas
    6 Leather Recliners
    Wheelchair Spaces x 2

    Screen 12: 58 Seats
    36 Luxury Seats
    6 Double Sofas
    10 Leather Recliners
    Wheelchair Spaces x 2

    Screen 13/D-Box: 14 Luxury Seats

    Screen 14/D-Box: 14 Luxury Seats


    D-Box offers seats with motion; your cinema chair is synchronised to the film and mimics movements and vibrations on screen - immersive cinema at its very best.

    D-Box seats can vibrate, pitch back and forth, roll from side to side and heave up and down. So, if on screen a car is accelerating, your seat will move forwards; the motion is part of the script. You can alter the intensity of movement through controls in the chair, or even turn it off altogether at any point during the film.

    What is D-BOX?

    D-BOX is the world leader in immersive seating created specifically for movie theatres.
    Its unique technology uses extraordinary precision, hyper-realistic vibrations and individual intensity controls to deliver a highly personalized experience. D-BOX uses motion effects specifically programmed for each visual content which are sent to a motion system integrated into a seat.

    The resulting motion is perfectly synchronized with the on-screen action, thus creating an unparalleled realistic immersive experience.

    Unique motion code.
    Total control.
    The ultimate immersive movie-watching experience.
    Uses 3 types of intelligent movement (subtle pitch, roll and heave).
    Harmonized with the audio and video.
    A great and exciting upgrade.

    How Does It Work?

    Each D-Box chair contains a set of actuators (motors that control the vibrations, pitch, roll and heave of the seat) which are connected to a motion controlling device. This is synchronised with the action of the film, like a motion script.

    In fact, D-Box Motion Code actually creates a new dimension of script alongside the visuals and audio of the film and each movement is carefully developed in order to enhance the experience where justified. It doesn’t move all the time, only at key moments in the film.

    Ticket Pricing

    As on their website 29/03/2017.



    Upgrade to Sofa: £1 per person
    Upgrade to Recliner: £2 per person
    3D glasses: £1 per pair.

    From April 18 every Tuesday will be "saverday"  for four pound fifty. Terms will apply.

    OFF PEAK is all day Monday (not bank holidays), before 5pm on Wednesday and before 5pm on Thursday.
    PEAK is all day Saturday, Sunday, bank holiday Mondays, Fridays and after 5pm on Wednesday and Thursdays.
    SAVERDAY is Tuesdays (from April 18th)

    ADULT is anyone 15 years old or older unless they fall under a concession rate.
    CONCESSION is any child, student or senior (60+). To get discounted concession you will require ID.
    FAMILY is two ADULTS and two CHILDREN or one ADULT and three CHILDREN.

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    1. dan5
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  3. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    This could be curtains for Cineworld?

    They have their unlimited card but their prices are steep in comparison...

    Just talking 2D (not 3D, IMAX, 4DX)...


    ADULT £10.20 PEAK/OFF PEAK £8.70

    STUDENT £8.20 PEAK/OFF PEAK £7.20

    CHILD £7.70 PEAK/OFF PEAK £6.70?

    SENIOR £8.80 PEAK/OFF PEAK £7.80

    FAMILY £32.80

    So for an adult...  £10.20 vs  £7, child...  £7.70 vs £5, student... £8.20 vs £5, senior... £8.80 vs £5 and £32.80 vs £20!

    I think 4DX will keep people going back to cineworld but they will need to increase their 4DX prices to counter balance the decline in footfall. I am not a frequent cinemagoer, the last time I went (freebie) cineworld was practically empty.

    People are lazy, do the new restaurants add a double threat? £4.50 on a Tuesday for Empire... (Coast2Coast offer 20% off for students) unlimited card at cineworld can be better value if you go very frequently. Buses no longer pick up that many people from Cardinal Park in the evenings/at night not sure if they will axe the redirection.

    It isn't a new experience for me but for many ...cinema on a sofa is something new, and for the normal non-cinemagoer who wants to see that new film that came out for a one-off maybe 6 monthly outing they can even upgrade to sofa seats at a more competitive price than tired seats at cineworld.
  4. martinc

    martincFounder Member

    best thing, you can park for free in Arras Square right outside anytime of the day....
  5. dan5

    dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

    Martin, I went up St Stephens Lane last night around 9pm-ish and almost got run down by a car. At night it is worse. Free-for-all parking on St Stephens Lane and Arras Square at night. I would estimate around 20 or so vehicles in total including two on the left (what many may refer to as the pavement of the lane) near Revolution. I am very disappointed that nothing is being done about it.

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