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ebay selling

Discussion in 'Activities & Social' started by Ipswi, Mar 21, 2017.

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  1. Ipswi


    Has anyone had any luck with selling on eBay?

    Not exactly rocket science, I have listed a handful of items... my recent experiences so far:-

    • People winning the listing just to use it as a way of negotiating further discount (frustrating when you have accepted a Best Offer!)

    • Unresponsive people you cannot contact or get to pay for the item post-auction (well BIN listing)

    • People who "Make an Offer" (binding for 48hrs) and retract the offer after 20 minutes (if an offer is roughly 93% or higher of BIN price I accept immediately if not wait for better offers... well you can't!)

    • Quantity 2...  best offer terms "2x at this rate, and 6 more at normal price" (I only have 2 items not 8!)

    • People who cannot apologise genuinely for bidding in error (making a best offer without retracting) and sending a message lying to you saying a relative have bought them the item (after 35 minutes?! my item was cheapest on ebay, the model isn't on amazon or in shops anymore) - like a normal human I accept the best offers first before reading messages for general queries on products! (best offers may disappear whilst messages won't)

    • People watching your items for the sake of it

    • Please text me or phone me 07XXX XXXXXX (WHY??!!)

    • People who like to collect items before realising they have no means to pay

    • People who buy the item and before paying realise they didn't ask for further photos...

    • People who agree for me to send out the item but post-event contact me to remove the postage entirely for them to collect through their own courier - just to save £3! Collection by themselves (i.e. doesn't need proper packing) or P&P a little more on top of postage to cover secure packing. Therefore, in addition to losing a chunk on a Best Offer, I am expected to further subsidise the packaging while I wait around all week for some cheap unreliable courier to come and collect

    One day, 7 listings...

    eBay was always increasingly terrible in regards to realistic prices for items, paypal fees and end value fees etc. but I am shocked to find out how difficult the site is to work with now! No wonder people are using alternatives such as sphock! I am not even sure if half the people are real members and not automated ebay bots. The offers seem to come in very close to one another...

    Anyone else had similar experiences?  (I am not selling popular consumer electronics or top 10 searched products which would be a different kettle of fish)
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