Dual carriageway bypass supported by 86%

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    From EADT: Villagers united over need for bypass for Farnham, Marlesford, Little Glemham and Stratford St Andrew
    Villagers have spoken with a “conclusive voice” over the need for four communities to have a bypass built if Sizewell C is given the go-ahead.

    Some 86% of people who responded to a survey by Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP Dr Dan Poulter supported a full dual carriageway bypass for Marlesford, Little Glemham, Farnham and Stratford St Andrew.   [...]

    Mr Poulter wrote to residents in Wickham Market, Hacheston and Marlesford asking for their views and comments about the need for improvements to the A12 if Sizewell C is built. More than 250 replied to the survey.

    Key findings were that 86% supported a full dual carriageway bypass for the four villages; 64% used the A12 on a daily basis; and 56% of respondents opposed a proposed park and ride facility at Lower Hacheston.

    Does anyone find it ironic how Dr Dan Poulter the Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP had done a survey to drum up support for a four-village dual carriageway bypass as a sweetener to the Sizewell C Nuclear Power plant development? This planned dual carriageway bypass benefiting just a few hundred people is a stone throw away from the Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).
    Together with my fellow MPs, Therese Coffey and Peter Aldous, I will continue to work closely with Suffolk Coastal District Council and Suffolk County Council to ensure that EDF are pushed to deliver the very best deal possible for much-needed road improvements to the A12 when Sizewell is built.

    A dual carriageway bypass is badly needed, and it is important that EDF recognise the importance of the four villages bypass to the success of the Sizewell project.

    The Fynn Valley, has no AONB protection or recognition and a full dual carriageway Northern Bypass will benefit over a hundred thousand people!

    Furthermore, the A12 stretch from East Ipswich to Great Yarmouth isn't managed by Highways England but the local authority due to less importance.

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