Disappointment As Felixstowe Loses Popular Annual Custom Car And Hot Rod Rally

Discussion in 'Felixstowe News' started by newsbot, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. newsbot


    Visitors to the resort will miss out on one of its best-loved and biggest events this year – after the attraction decided to relocate to another part of the country.

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  3. martinc

    martincFounder Member

    that's a shame, it was always great to see and hear the custom cars around the town over the weekend.
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    • dan5

      dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

      Yes it is a big shame, it appears the success of one part of their event which didn't bring in any money discouraged people to go on the second day which did, and Trinity Park put up the prices (I am guessing) where they couldn't afford to run it / not worth organising it.

      They have now moved the event to Rutland.

      In my view, the council/BID should pay or contribute towards the cost of hosting these free events (or through sponsorship) which attract people down and increase business. Similar happens at seaside towns in the holidays with free firework displays. It brings people down and showcases the place in a positive light.

      They did right to withdraw... with an increase in the venue cost for the two day event (not confirmed) they might have even got less money than the previous year on the Sunday.

      Never say never, could always bring it back - either that one or similar...
    • martinc

      martincFounder Member

      yeah, always found it a bit odd this event in some respect. I guess in the got rod / custom car world is was a really big deal, their one big annual National Event. The run was never that well advertised, and clearly it didn't bring in any revenue itself but was a real spectacle. The event on the Show Ground whilst open to the public over the weekend again never seemed to get much promotion. It very much came across as a private event for the members of the various Clubs that attended and letting the locals in seemed a bit of an after thought and not particularly encouraged, so much so i never actually went. So surprised about their comments regarding revenue. I did a bit of digging on it one year and from what I recall it was actually quite expensive to attend for the whole weekend and camp on the site, and that's where their money came from, not from opening the doors to you and me. Now whether as a venue Rutland will have the same appeal is debatable, I imagine that the run down to the sea side and parking up on the prom was a big draw to many of the car owners.
      So my guess would be that costs of hiring Trinity Park have gone up, or that Trinity Park have told them to keep off the grass or somesuch, and it therefore became out of reach for them in terms of costs and impractical in terms of not churning up the grass with your V8 hot rod whilst doing donuts...
    • dan5

      dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

      I didn't know about the Trinity Park Sunday event so I think you are right.

      Great Yarmouth has a similar event. "East Coast Pirates" at the American Diner near the Pier. American & Classic Cars, also some motorbikes for good measure.

      Yes, either a cost increase or the following exchange...
      "No donuts on the lawn this year" "No donuts? No deal! " :D

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