Continuation NBP part 3

Discussion in 'Northern Bypass' started by sl_watchfull, Dec 29, 2016.

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    Streetlife closed our debate down --Northern Bypass for Ipswich which had around about 650 hits plus -- our second heading -- Continuation NBP is about to be shut down also with about 370 hits -- we are now awaiting the out come of talks this spring 2017 -- to use a James Bond saying -- shaken and well stirred -- I feel that we have done the shaken bit but now we have to keep stirring -- I will be getting in touch with the new editor of the star in the new year and hope to get him to give us some publo in the star -- please keep your eyes open for the links that Martin will give you so that you can always check back on what has gone before -- Happy New Year to you all --

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