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Discussion in 'Ipswich News' started by newsbot, Sep 11, 2017.

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    Plastic cladding attached to an Ipswich apartment block has failed a fire safety test conducted in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster.

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    Lets not say some of the more recently completed flat blocks in Ipswich are a bit shoddy but this one I think is right up there. Its the only one where a contractor (not the original contractor) has had to strengthen all the balconies as several had sagged a bit and one of them had started to lean out from the building at quite an alarming angle. New steel work was added to them all to give them extra support. Now i don't imagine any would have fallen off, but it must be a bit alarming when its got a lean outwards of several inches! You're not going to be sitting out on it much are you!

    But then not let forget the missing cladding on the The Mill building, still missing all these years after it blew off.

    Oh, and lets not forget the general condition of the outside of the block on Bishops Hill, to say its got a bit scruffy would be an understatement.

    Oh and then there's all that lot in Duke Street, where large parts of the render fell off due I suspect to blocked roof terrace drainage.

    But go have a look at all the staining and condition of those behind the trees along Yarmouth Road, its not looking too good there.

    And its interesting to see blocks such as those along Ranelagh Road, most of which have had scaffolding up at various points to put stuff right.

    Funnily enough go back to the block on the quay at the bottom of Grimwade St, the first lot built, and they still look pretty good to me. Back then they were built to a standard and to last, something the more recent ones certainly have not been.

    And then people complain about poor old Cumberland towers. Its stood there for decades keeping the water out, not having bits blow off it, not going green or any other colour through staining and bad detailing. Again built properly to last.

    We have to wonder what the Winerack will be finished off like...
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    Yes, Neptune Apartments (I think they are called) still look good today, and as you said well built.

    Cumberland Towers is evidence of a no-thrills development which suits its purpose.

    Wolsey Street Apartments are awful. How could they not be built to good enough standards? What a disaster.