Cardinal Park leisure terrace

Discussion in 'Central Ipswich' started by dan5, Jan 2, 2018.

  1. dan5

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    Ipswich is getting a new restaurant complex... actually Cardinal Park is to fight back against Buttermarket Centre with a face-lift along with outside seating. The existing leisure complex terrace attempt at a futuristic look has always looked pretty terrible, which has become so awkwardly terrible like the vacant Odeon building.

    This surely has to look better than the existing mess? I don't think the al-fresco dinning works here but others may appreciate the opportunity to have a cheeky cigarette outside and the ability to keep an eye on your car against theft and criminal damage. I don't like the frontage of the restaurants being obscured in this way... this is exaggerated further with the logo signage above at first and second floor levels. The diversity of brands doesn't help this design concept one bit. Looks a mess.

    This design does give better height. I don't think they will pull off the slanted wood effect. The logo is inspired by Greater Anglia which cannot really win over any fans. I am not sold on the background central focus behind their logo or on the ends.... what is that about? Even the parking meters and tariff boards look out of place.

    The bookshelf ends bin-stores (actually fire exits) look ridiculous... not much you can do, the fire exits cannot be removed. To remove the non-restaurant entity (i.e. the cinema) from the equation of identity misses the point. Why would you have it facing onto a car park and not the cinema?! I suppose we have to accept it as a positive being Ipswich...
    Strangely enough the view doesn't include the 31 metal bollards...
    I think the entrances are too cluttered.
    cardinal-park-outside-seating-view-night.png Looks no better at night.

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  3. wrightie

    wrightieFounder Member

    How long will it be before either cardinal park or the Buttermarket will become a ghost town, or both suffer. Must admit it looks slightly better, except the upper floor entrances look atrocious, but why? There is literally no need. If Bankside grafton Way is built, six new restaurants, then what? If the waterfront gateway is developed, probably more food outlets.Cardinal park is in a brilliant location for a mixed used, mid density development to aid the waterfront and princes street development. Probably way too optimistic. Some wooden shutters nailed to a wall will have to do I guess.
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    • OP

      dan5Founder MemberStaff Member

      It might all depend on whether Buttermarket Centre gets away with their car park woes...

      You can tell Cardinal Park owners L&G (?) are worried about Buttermarket Centre and Bankside... as they have found the need to improve (even slightly) their small row of eateries... I would prefer a joint development across both sites, just keep the cinema, and do everything from scratch! Ipswich needs nightlife but drop the nightclub from the regeneration plans.

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