Ipswich Star Call for action as former Fisons factory in Bramford ranked among most endangered British sites

Discussion in 'Ipswich News' started by newsbot, Sep 13, 2017.

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    An iconic factory which serves as a lasting reminder of Suffolk’s rich industrial past must not be left to crumble any longer.

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    What a building! Why don't the council step in?
    Near a River (the River Gipping), Suffolk Water Park, Golf Club and a railway line... could be really special. It isn't that fair to criticise the so-called developers... it is a big project and out of town with only a couple of minor roads. Developers never spend their own cash and I think anyone would struggle to get the finance for such a project. It is preferable for the ugly modern style builds from scratch.

    It has potential (despite the power lines) for a spur or in-line railway station for Bramford (it is a bit out of the way to the village but roads and paths could be built connecting to it or further down with the same linking up) which would unlock further housing in the area... and could create a nice country park. I am not advocating that Bramford should double or triple in size but by means of an example. Of course, the developer would need to have acquired surrounding farm land and produced a wider master-plan. The railway station would be ideal for a local route including the proposed SnOasis spur, mainline services wouldn't stop at Bramford.