Buttermarket: Big Issue Seller Needs To Go

Discussion in 'Central Ipswich' started by dan5, Aug 10, 2017.

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    A Big Issue seller has secured her place over the last goodness knows how many years at the Ancient House crossroads. The informal route vertically down is Dial Lane and St Stephens Lane (both of which made up the proposed "The Link" thoroughfare). To be fair more than one seller has been seen here.

    The police, borough and Ipswich Central have looked the other way. Big Issue street vendors are seen as a social venture and lets not distort the truth... they seem friendly although insincere with their politeness.

    What is the (big) issue?
    • People are challenged as they walk by (if I stood in the same place every day and said hello to the same people, it would be seen as harassment)
    • People are forced to dodge the big issue seller. (doing so they don't enjoy the environment)
    • Their appearance annoys people. (again?! Really not sold a single copy? Restocked?)
    • In many peoples minds they are nothing short but a beggar (please sir, I am only homeless but not)
    • Unauthorised street trading (Everyone else needs a licence. If I sold postcards, the police would remove me. The council would fine me)
    It is bad for them to be outside Sainsburys and other locations, but that strategic point, where everyone cuts down... looks really bad for the town.

    I would hate to think what a tourist would think if being pursued by an magazine seller!
    Welcome to the new IPSWI beta!
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