Bury St Edmunds Town Centre Masterplan

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    West Suffolk was recently undergoing their Community Governance Review where they considered abolishing parishes to become part of Bury St Edmunds.

    (A Research Park in Haverhill... how about that for ambition! Between Cambridge & Bury St Eds (to the south) not far from Stansted and relatively close to the A120 which is planned for major upgrade and more housing. This is how you plan ahead for the future. )

    Back to the topic on hand... the Bury St Edmunds Masterplan!

    They seem to have aced it. Can comfortably identify opportunities, involve relevant partners (not just the mates of a few politicians), willing to listen to the public (or so they claim) and have a coherent strategy.

    We must accept that it is easier for Bury St Edmunds because of their large borough district, whereas Ipswich is suffocating with its well established borough boundary. This doesn't mean that Ipswich Borough Council and Ipswich Central are unable to be ambitious in improving Ipswich within such boundary when St Edmundsbury borough council and OurBuryStEdmunds BID can do this. The town centre regeneration of the arc for example, well within the town.

    I very much admire what they are doing for Bury St Edmunds but the contrast looks bad for Ipswich. Haverhill... silly little market town settlement with around 28,000 population, but it is well situated and those in charge are capitalising on this... Ipswich is well located, and has been for centuries and even millennia, yet those in charge cannot see or care to utilise this to our advantage.

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