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Ipswich Star Anglia Retail Park’s New Look Welcomed By Local Mp Dr Dan Poulter

Discussion in 'Ipswich News' started by newsbot, Aug 12, 2017.

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    The rebirth of Anglia Retail Park on the north west corner of Ipswich has brought new jobs to the area and boosted shopping choices for local residents said local MP Dr Dan Poulter.

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  3. dan5

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    This article annoyed me a lot. At first I was a little confused knowing Anglia Retail Park is in the borough...then it dawned on me... that part of Ipswich doesn't have the Ipswich MP.

    It started to really annoy me how Dan Poulter doesn't care about NW Ipswich residents and only cares about his rural residents, however, when there is a good news story in Ipswich (within the CS&NI constituency), he is down for a photo opportunity!

    With demand building, hopefully he can support both parts of his constituents for a Northern Bypass!

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