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170 Years Of Ipswich Museums

Discussion in 'Tourism' started by Ipswich, Aug 11, 2017.

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    The deadline for the Ipswich Museums/Ipswich Borough Council "Take Over Ipswich Museums" competition has passed. Ipswich Ltd has submitted an application for an ambitious celebration of Ipswich Heritage.

    We emailed [email protected] on Tuesday for an application form - without reply. Luckily we found an printed application form this morning which we scanned in, populated with text and emailed over!

    Whats the plan?

    With only space for 200 words on the application form we had no option but to be very brief. It would have been better for a more comprehensive proposal format, however, the application form prevents discouraging anyone who might otherwise be interested. It fits the purpose well.

    If we were considered by Ipswich Borough Council to run such event we would consult with various local organisations to make sure the event was truly memorable and would think outside the box.

    Who will run the event?

    Ipswich Ltd will act us the umbrella, under our DMO brand Destination Ipswich.

    We will underwrite the marketing and ticket costs in addition to providing prizes. This will act as our brand launch event - but won't be prominent.

    We will be supported by local organisations, the borough council, museums service and hope to work directly with a charity (rather than as just a fundraiser) who will get 50/50 (joint) branding on marketing materials alongside "170 years of Ipswich Museums" which is the working title for the group running the event.

    (Ipswich Ltd and Destination Ipswich will get small logo credits, likely alongside the council logo and other relevant partners)

    We invite all local organisations to become involved in some shape or form - should we get picked.

    How much will the event cost?

    Exact details of ticket prices will depend on how the event ideas develop and if we are able to attract support from local businesses this could subsidise the ticket prices too.

    It is expected to be around the same price as the last "Take Over Ipswich Museums" event which was successful, although our aim is to raise as much money for charity as possible without overpricing the event.

    Where can I get tickets?

    Tickets would be sold through 170years.com and a select few local independent businesses (a list of which can be found on that website) who are willing to sell them without commission. People wanting to purchase tickets online will be able to do so and Ipswich Ltd will cover the cost of the transaction fee so more money goes to charity.

    We would recommend tickets to be purchased from independent businesses to boost their footfall. Tickets will be allocated equally between participating independent traders - but the website serves those from the wider Ipswich urban area or region who are unable to buy from the shops in person.

    What is planned for the event?

    We went a bit too ambitious... why one event when there could be two?!

    A midday event at Christchurch Mansion (a tour), an heritage tour around the town centre (with best photo competition) and lunch.

    The main evening event will be at Ipswich Museum - fancy dress halloween-style with competition (optional!) - light entertainment, a museum trail and quiz night. Snacks and refreshments included.

    (Less disco... we want to promote our heritage in a new way which is still enjoyable)

    Tickets will exist for both events or either event singularly. The earlier event will occur within normal mansion opening times and as such the number of tickets available will be smaller. Each event is designed to attract a group of people with different interests in heritage and history.

    There are other elements and tweaks to fit around operational requirements - for example the earlier event might start mid-morning. The museum trail could be extended outside the event, as could the best photo (of a landmark, building etc).

    The entire event will be over social media (#170years) and we expect a lot of photos (from heritage features to halloween costumes) promoting the event and Ipswich's heritage.

    Why reveal your plans publicly?

    The last event was very successful and this time round the opportunity to host your own event has received more publicity. We expect a number of applicants competing with us... we had taken the time to brainstorm ideas... if we are unsuccessful, we might as well share the ideas for inspiration for anyone organising a future event next year. (The detailed ideas will be revealed after the competition winner is announced)

    What is Destination Ipswich?

    Destination Ipswich is a new DMO to market Ipswich for its heritage. This brand will launch regardless of winning this competition although we feel it would create a nice follow through of high profile events... Ipswich Maritime Festival (August), Ipswich Heritage Open Days (September) and 170 years of Ipswich Museums (October)...

    We are also working hard on organising a very special Ipswich Day... we hope other towns in Suffolk follow suit with similar.
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